A new study concluded that Australia is among the top 4 countries for immigrants. There were a number of criteria taken in account such as standard of living, economic stability, income equality and so on. Also, data published by reliable sources, such as World Bank and United nations, was also included in this study. Sample size for the research was 21,000. Also, a few other reliable sources were included to make the research more comprehensive and conclusive. 80 countries were ranked against each other and among them Australia stood fourth. Deidre McPhillips, reported to the Washington Post that “While our methodology did not focus on refugees specifically, it did take into account immigration policies and integration measures per analysis from the United Nations.” Australia is economically stable and offers a great standard of living to immigrants. Further, it ranks better in income equality than most countries. Australia ranked a whooping 4th and took the spot behind Sweden, Canada and Switzerland. Germany followed Australia in the rankings released by this report. Australia also has a better GDP per capita than US. Also, income inequality lead to a further downfall in rankings for US. Though Australia’s social welfare plans do not match the standard that Sweden Adheres to, still Australia has universal healthcare and many other social welfare programs that permanent residents can avail after a few years of migrating to Australia. Australia is also one of the best counties for receiving higher education. In fact, Australia has the highest number of international students currently. Also, Australia has relaxed their immigration procedure to attract more talented people who can make a contribution towards their economy. Other Facts About Australia’s Economy:
  • Population 24,592,600
  • GDP (PPP): $1.189 Trillion
  • GDP Per Capita (PPP): $48,806
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