The immigration plan for period 2019-2021 aims at welcoming more than 1 million immigrants to Canada. These immigrants will be brought in through different programmes like express entry, refugee and PNPs. Canada’s aging population presents a unique problem which can be tackled easily by bringing in more immigrants, both skilled and unskilled.

The new immigration plan aims to intake more than a million immigrants in three years. The targets for the period are set as follow:

  • 330,800 immigrants in 2019
  • 341,000 immigrants in 2020
  • 350,000 immigrants in 2021

An interim plan for 2018-2020 was released but overwritten by the most recent plan. This and the previous plan are both based on the 2017 immigration plans. The success of the 2017 plan is being acclaimed ever since the government released official data regarding immigration. The results look quite interesting and have substantiated the fact that Canada stands alongside immigrants and for immigration.

Canada’s government has issued a statement saying, “immigrants contribute to Canada’s economic growth and help keep Canada competitive in a global economy.” This isn’t only true for Canada but also for rest of the developed countries like US. In fact, 43 percent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by first or second generation immigrants.

While writing about the recent immigration plan, Minister of IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship,) Ahmed Hussen reports, “Canada faces new challenges such as an ageing population and declining birth rate, and immigrants have helped address these by contributing to Canada’s labour force growth.”

He further writes: “With this in mind, Canada welcomed more than 286,000 permanent residents in 2017. The number also included over 44,000 resettled refugees, protected persons and people admitted under humanitarian, compassionate and public policy considerations.”

This dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed by the immigrants in Canada. In the 2017 Annual  Report to Parliament on Immigration, the following facts were noted:

  • 93 percent immigrants have a strong sense of belonging to Canada
  • Of the 6.5 million immigrants eligible to become Canadian Citizens, 86 percent reported they had acquired citizenship
  • In 2017, immigrants were responsible for 80% of the population growth.

While these facts and figures seem great, they become even better in the following scenario. Getting a visa approved while carrying an Indian passport can be daunting. This isn't the case with Canada, as the following graph depicts:

Top 10 Immigration Source Countries in 2017 for Canada

This data corroborates the fact the that India is the greatest source of immigrants for Canada. Hence, as an Indian you have a better chance of getting your application approved and integrating into the Canadian society.

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