While keeping in mind the importance of immigration in relation to economic expansion, South Australia has submitted two DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreements) deals. Both the deals are pending but are likely to be approved. After finalizing the details for DAMA with Australian Department of Home Affairs, the agreement will be brought to fruition.   Like many other regions apart from Sydney and Melbourne, South Australia’s declining population has become a serious issue and a deterrent to economic growth. To turn the tables around, the DAMA deal will enable employers to sponsor skilled workers from overseas. However, the employer must prove that they were not able to find professions for the same job in Australia.   DAMA will also add to the occupations that immigrants can select from. Hence it is meant to work in accordance with the skilled immigration system that is currently functioning quite well in Australia.   The two main agreements in DAMA include:
  • Adelaide Technology and Innovation Advancement Agreement
  • South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement
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