New Skilled Regional Visas (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2019

  The bill will have an impact on government policy that holders of new temporary or provisional skilled regional visas, which become effective on 16 November 2019, will gain access to the services of government compatible with qualified or skilled permanent visa holders.   The new temporary or provisional skilled territorial visas are set out in the Migration Amendment (New Skilled Regional Visas) Regulations 2019.   New skilled regional visas regulations are:  
  1. Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (Subclass 491) visa for skilled or qualified individuals who are selected by a state or regional government or sponsored by eligible relatives to work and live in Australia; and
  2. (Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional (Provisional) (Subclass 494) visa, empowering an Australian business to sponsor skilled laborers to operate in their business in provincial Australia.
  These new visas are a piece of the Australian government's scheme for Australia's population in the coming years to ease the weight on the big capitals while supporting the development of those small regions and cities that require more individuals.   The scheme incorporates diminishing the yearly migration ceiling from 190,000 to 160,000 spots and, also, saving 23,000 of those spots for these new provincial visas. The visas, presented by guidelines were suggested in the parliament on 2 July 2019, reinforce regional provincial economies to get the right skills they need.   A key element of the new visas is a necessity for regional provincial migrants to work and live in an area for three years before being qualified for PR (Permanent Residence). This will uplift visa holders to stay in Australian territory, which will ultimately support and strengthen regional economies of the regional parts of the state.   The amendments in this bill will guarantee that the holder of the new visas has an approach to the services by the government in accordance with the present arrangements to permanent residence visas. These progressions will have a low monetary effect while guaranteeing that provisional skilled territorial visa holders are not distraught contrasted with holders of permanent (Skilled) visas accessible for individuals to work in metropolitan regions.   Changes to enactment, ICT frameworks and service delivery—controlled by the Department of Social Services, the Department of Education, Administrations Australia and the Attorney-General's Department—are required so as to offer impact to the government administration's policy in regards to holders of these new visas.   This would be liable to meeting similar eligibility requirements for the services and payments and serving the similar waiting time that is applicable to skilled permanent visa holders. These visa holders will strengthen and support the regional economies and adding to the country’s rural communities all through Australia.   Immigration Experts best Immigration Consultant will help you to resolve all of your Canadian/Australian immigration-related queries. You may contact us at 8448-450100 or leave a mail at You may also fill the Technical Assessment Form. One of the experts will soon contact you to discuss the Canada/Australia PR query. Our experts having experience of more than 10+ years. Let Immigration Experts plan your immigration option for Canada/Australia to achieve your dream.