Why immigrate to Denmark?
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Why immigrate to Denmark?

Denmark is a country that offers better job opportunities and living conditions for the immigrants who would like to settle there. It will benefit if an individual consults our immigration experts who are skilled in processing fast and reliable visa for Denmark and other countries as well.
Denmark is a place worth settle, work or study. It gives the best living standards and a professional life to cherish. Plenty of career opportunities and standard professional life is what attracts the most to any person.

Why Denmark

Denmark is one of the EU’s most vigorous members that recruits qualified and skilled professionals from around the world. Denmark’s immigration policy is no different from that of the United Kingdom’s skilled immigration program that works on a strict points based system known as the Danish Green Card scheme to attract qualified and skilled professionals from outside the European Union. Added to that, Denmark employs a work permit system known as the Positive List scheme for an applicant who has got a valid job offer from a Danish employer prior to his or her landing in the country.

The Danish Green Card

The Danish Green Card is based on points and scores. An applicant needs to score individually in the fields education, work experience, language skills, adaptability, Linguistic skills and age. An individual needs to score in these fields and should score an overall of 100 points in total to fall in the eligibility list to immigrate to Denmark. Three years of residence permit is awarded to the individual under the Danish Green Card scheme that allows the individual to live in the country and find a job.

If an individual scores enough points based on age, and can obtain a three years of residence permit under The Danish Green Card scheme, a previous job offer is not mandetory.

The Positive List criteria

Plenty of occupations in the country doesn’t have enough number of skilled and qualified workers. If anyone has obtained qualification or skills in one of those occupations in the Positive List, he or she can easily obtain a work as well as a residence permit in no time at all under the Positive List scheme.

The Pay Limit Scheme

If an employer in Denmark offers an individual to pay more than DKK 375000,i.e., an approx. of 80,000 USD, the applicant is eligible to work and reside in Denmark under the Pay Limit scheme.


Denmark is one of the best Shenghen countries to live with good living standard of living and professional opportunities. The social welfare program in Denmark ensures everyone gets equal benefit to dwell in the country and live in healthy conditions. Education, healthcare services and childcare services are provided to the citizens and dwellers of the Country for free. From birth to death of an individual, they are provided social security by the Danish Government. Democracy and individual freedom are valued in the country. Denmark is a country that tops the list of being most corruption-free countries of the world, and hence, encourages a healthy competitive environment sans any malpractices.

Our immigration experts can guide you step-by-step through the immigration process without any hassle.

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