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Bupa Mediacal Visa Service is the new provider of health examinations for various visa applicants in Australia. This change in service provider took place on 28th July 2014, will aid clients through enhancements to processing times and more importantly the examination fees has been reduced.

Bupa doesn’t only provide medical services in Australia; it has the capability to deliver medical services for visa applications made outside Australia. This offers the department the opening to consolidate and rationalize the visa medical examination and assessment process globally. The expansion of Bupa’s service outside Australia is a great prospect which is planned for the coming months and updates will continue to be published in the coming future.

Both the department and and Bupa Medical Visa Services are dedicated to guarantee that continuity of service is sustained throughout the transition with negligible effect to clients and application processing service standards.

Clients can now easily book their immigration health examination online on the Bupa website or by calling Bupa Medical Visa Services Office. This facility helps immigrants to easily book an health examination as it is a necessity to get a checkup before finally getting a visa. If in medical test it turns out that you are unhealthy then you can’t get a visa, it is imperative that you are healthy and don’t have any disease.

The department also offers a service for clients to do an immigration health examination before lodging their visa application; it is convenient for immigrants to get their examination beforehand so that it saves time later on when applying for the visa. It helps to avoid processing delays in the visa application. If you are healthy and have all you documents you are all set to step into the shores of Australia in no time where there are endless opportunities for you and your family.

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