The newly introduced points-based immigration scheme of the UK would apply to only those international skilled workers that have a valid job offer from an approved employer.

Boris Johnson announced an “Australian-style” points-based immigration system that will help control entry of immigrants and therefore the UK’s proposed system is perceived to be more stringent and tougher as having various significant differences from its Australian counterpart.

One of the major disparities is that the new points-based system of UK is applicable to only those overseas workers who already possess an employment offer from an approved and legitimate employer in UK. In addition to this, it does not offer any alternative points-based visa scheme to all the independent skilled migrants, that is for those workers who intent to live and work in UK but do not have a prior job and will seek employment opportunitieswhen they will arrive.

In contrast to this, the Australian points-based skilled worker visa scheme is specifically designed to target only independent skilled migrants, that is those who seek to make Australia their second home and find employment after they will arrive. It simultaneously operates a different employer nominated visa scheme, which has no relevance with its points-based system as the primary eligibility criteria for gaining an entry, which enables individuals with a job offer to come, live and work anywhere across the country.

The immigration idea within Australia is that they want to attract the most skilled and talented people, while they can arrange for their jobs at a later stage. The skilled migrants thus arrived are subjected to labour market immediately by using the employer sponsored route.

About 54 percent of the visas issued by the Australia’s skilled visa program in 2018-19 were predominately provided to independent migrants without having a prior job offer when compared with its 38 percent share of employer-nominated visas. the remaining applicants secured visas which enabled them to migrate to regional areas, rather than big cities across Australia.

Professor of law at the University of Adelaide, Mr. Alex Reilly clarified that the UK’s requirement to obtain an employer sponsor will exclude a significant proportion of high-skilled individuals who did not possess a prior employment offer or the right contacts to get the sponsorship. But he further added that it could simultaneously help to avoid some of the major problems which independent skilled migrants can encounter after they make an entry into Australia without having a prior job offer –which sometimes results into periods of unemployment or underemployment.

However, some important similarities between the UK’s newly proposed immigration rules and Australia’s points-based immigration system is that they both of them require the migrants to communicate in English along with the lack of immigration schemes that targets low-skilled workers, who have the ability to fill jobs in industries such as social care and hospitality.

An independent migration expert based in Canberra, Henry Sherrell stated that the previous Australian governments hustled to remove this issue by granting temporary visas to a great number of international migrants which also included international students. he further added that the main aim of Australian state government to introduce regional visa schemes is to meet the labour market needs and demands.

He further added thatUK’s demand of low-skilled jobs in the current scenario is filled disproportionately by the migrants from the European Union (EU).But after the introduction of this new points-based immigration system by the Boris Johnson’s government, there will be a rather unusual but genuine pressure from businesses to adopt alternative labour immigration schemes from Australia or some other countries to help immigration of such workers may help enroll more international students on student visa.

Although Australia has also applied a limit on the total number of permanent visas to only 160,000 per year, but country’s major political parties still hails strong inward migration of more workers to uplift country’s economic and social growth. Last year the total population grew by 1.5 percent, which was only two-third of which was predicted after an expected overseas migration of 283,000 people.

Australia and UK both needs migration to keep up with the economic growth asno one would like to put that on risk.

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