Reduced criteria for job experience of medical and health professionals working in South Australia
International graduates of South Australia – medical and health professionals – 

Medical and health care practitioners who have graduated from South Australian higher education provider and currently reside and work in their designated 
or closely related occupation in South Australia (minimum 40 hours per fortnight) are excluded from the requirement of three months of work experience.Applicants seeking the exemption from work experience would  only be eligible for a conditional 491 visa nomination.  190 Appointment eligibility  New conditions apply.
Applicants currently in South Australia working  as medical or health Professional
Medical and health care professionals currently residing and employed in their designated or closely related occupation in South Australia (minimum 20 hours per week) are excluded from the existing criteria of Immigration SA for work experience. Applicants who seek the exemption from work experience are only eligible for an interim 491 Visa nomination.
Please notice that for Registered Nurses employed in their profession or closely related profession in South Australia the 5 year work experience requirement has been withdrawn.

A minimum of 65 points is required for medical and health professionals currently employed in their designated or closely related occupation in South Australia, including state-appointment points and competent English.
190 nomination eligibility – medical and health professionals
Medical and health professionals listed here who currently work in their designated or closely related occupation for the past 12 months (minimum 20 hours per week) in South Australia (or for the last 6 months in their designated or closely related occupation (minimum 20 hours per week) in a South Australian country region) remain eligible for a permanent 190 visa.
Priority processing for medical and health professionals working in South Australia
Processing times for state nomination differ based on the amount of applications submitted, and first priority will be granted to applications from medical and health care practitioners. If your current visa expires within 2 weeks and you have not requested priority review of your application, please make an online enquiry to Immigration SA according to the normal procedure.

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