A large number of Indian students who were planning and to study in international universities and colleges, around 91 % are still persistent to achieve their dreams.

As the entire world is fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, approximately 91% of the students across India who were preparing themselves to study in international universities still want to implement their study abroad plans, mainly because of the various safety measures that are being put in place by the Indian government as well the foreign countries where they are aiming to pursue their higher studies.

This number is surprising for many considering how the pandemic has ruined plans for aspiring students worldwide who wanted to travel to other countries to gain higher education.

A study led by a private organization on Indian students who registered themselves on various platforms for studying in foreign countries in the forthcoming 6-10 months explained the student’s mindset during the ongoing pandemic which allowed them to take this decision.

Some more insights are provided by an expert in the field who revealed information about how studying at international universities is changing mainly for the Indian students during the ongoing turbulent times. The immigration consultants across Delhi and NCR, especially those that provide mentoring and guidance for university and college admissions to potential students and employed skilled professionals that are looking towards gaining higher studies outside India are helping these students bursting myths around international higher education and are guiding on important precautionary measures.

What did the research conducted on the Indian students aiming to study abroad found?

Some important highlights of results of the study conducted on Indian students aiming for studying abroad are as follows:

  • 76% students that were surveyed were making preparations for studying abroad in the upcoming 6 – 10 months, that is, for September and January intakes.
  • 16% of the students confirmed that they will take their final decision for studying abroad decisions by summer. However, 8% have postponed their decision due to the pandemic outbreak.
  • But the above statistics changed drastically when the students were informed about the precautionary measures being taken by the international colleges and universities. Almost 25% of these students were unaware of the contingency measures adopted by the universities that are allowing intakes for September 2020 and January 2021 such as online learning options.

After learning about these measures, about 91% of the aspiring students got convinced to implement their original plans about studying in a college or university located in a foreign country in the coming next months.

  • More than 70 percent surveyed confirmed their reliance on international healthcare system. Countries such as Canada and also the UK are ranked among the most reliable international healthcare systems by the students of Indian origin, also followed by developed countries which include USA, India, Germany, Sweden and Finland.

  • 76% of the students that were surveyed were planning for post-graduate programmes and the remaining 34% for the undergraduate category.
  • The research ranked the UK to be the most preferred destination for studying among the Indian students with over 28% opting for the country, followed by Australia, Germany and France.

  • Canada and the USA are also most preferred choices for studying at international universities and colleges with over 15% and 18% votes given respectively.

Measures adopted by international universities during the Covid-19 lockdown

With stringent measures adopted by institutions after the Covid-19 pandemic, colleges and universities situated abroad are increasing other important features and possibilities to ensure that they admissions still remain attractive to foreign campuses still remain attractive for the Indian students and can offer them with ample opportunities more than provided by the Indian education system at the present moment of crisis.

We need to acknowledge the fact that all these universities have been in existence for a considerable time now, where few have also been here for even more than some centuries. They all have seen therefore global crisis before as well and have out of those tragedies even stronger.

As per the recent communication held between the renowned immigration consultancies and international universities and colleges, the academic institutions are bringing various measures in order to ensure the safety of existing and future international students.

Important measures taken by universities in the wake of global pandemic

Some of the crucial preventive measures taken by the universities and colleges in the developed nations during the ongoing global pandemic are been described as follows:

  1. Online Classes: Lectures are being delivered via online applications along with assignment and weekly and semester’s exams.
  2. English Language proficiency tests: As many of the English test centers for IELTS/PTE?TOEFL are staying closed, these universities have taken complete responsibility for providing pre-sessional courses in English language for preparing international students for enrolling in their academic courses.
  3. Safety and Health measures: All the university campuses are constantly sanitized while the mobility across the campuses have been limited for only essential service providers such as healthcare professionals, security and others. This also includes dispersing student gatherings and taking every possible precautionary measure directed by the local health services and the WHO.
  4. 24×7 student helpline: Universities have opened the 24×7 Covid-19 helpline numbers that are released specially to support the local and international students. All the international offices located within these academic institutions in the foreign countries across the world have united and are working together with perseverance and persistence to pass authentic information and are also bursting myths among students and their peers.

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