Approximately 25 percent of immigrants landed in Canada in the year 2019 were from India. Therefore, there are high chances for you to become the next eligible aspirant to get the Permanent Residency (PR) of Canada from India. The top five countries to port maximum number of skilled professionals to Canada includes India, China, Philippines, Nigeria and USA. From this, India and Nigeria were found to be the on the top of the list.

Canada has broken yet another record by inviting more than 3,41,000 immigrants in the year 2019. From all countries across the world, India by far has sent maximum number of new immigrants to Canada in 2019.

Canada welcomed over 3,00,000 immigrants for the fifth time in its history and has therefore exceeded its immigration target by almost 10,000 additional new migrants; especially for the invites being sent through the Federal Government of Canada. Next could be you to get the Canada PR.

China has been identified as the second leading source of sending eligible and talented individuals to Canada, also followed by Philippines, Nigeria, USA, Syria, Pakistan, South Korea and Iran.

Major countries that attracted new immigrants to Canada in 2019

Total New Immigrants in the year 2019
















Republic of Korea







Maximum Canadian immigrants in 2019were from India

India accounted for a total of 25 percent of 3,41,000 immigrants invited by Canada. This implies great interest among Indians towards Canada Permanent Residency (PR) in last few years. Moreover, the share of Indians under new migrants moving to Canada has significantly increased in the recent years. When compared, in 2015, India accounted for only 14 percent of the total share of new immigrants which was also a considerable figure during that time. Canada accommodates a huge community of Indians which is present in all the provinces of Canada.

The major reasons for Canada becoming leading preference for many Indians includes:

  • India stands as the second-largest country across the globe in terms of human population and therefore comprises of a huge pool of eligible and potential immigrants;

  • India has a significant number of middle-class populations which are majorly proficient in English language and holds higher education degrees from recognized colleges and universities, who therefore possess professional background which is required to meet the immigrant selection criteria for Canada;

  • Indian citizens comprise of a large section of population which holds H1_B Temporary Skilled Worker Program operated by USA. Since, approval rates for these H1-B visa programs have reduced drastically under the presidentship of Donald Trump, which has therefore compelled Indian nationals residing in USA to apply for the Permanent Residency program of Canada.

China also contributing towards total number of immigrants getting Canada PR

While over 86,000 Indians received the Permanent Residency of Canada in the year 2019, China stood second with 30,000 of its population becoming new immigrants of Canada; which is 9 percent of the total immigrants of Canada.

The total number of new immigrants going to Canada from China has, on the other hand, remained stagnant in the last few years, with number revolving around 30,000 individuals being accepted as PR citizens from China, despite the fact that Canada has continued to increased its intake of foreign skilled immigrants.

This is mainly because China is continuously rising its basic standard of living, thereby reducing the immerging interest among its citizens to settle in a norther country. This also includes higher English Language Proficiency requirements of Canada, which most Chinese are unable to achieve. It is estimated that English speakers represents less than even 10 percent of the total population of Canada (which in turn is only 10 percent of the population of India).

Decline in immigration from Philippines

Immigration to Canada from Philippines has been reported to be declining significantly since last five years. In 2015, over 50,000 Filipinos received the Canada

Nigerians considered as immediate competitors of Indians to receive Canadian PR

Immigrants coming to Canada from Nigeria has also boosted in the last few years. Lately, Nigeria was porting only 5,000 immigrants in one complete year to Canada, but this figure has got doubled to 11,000 in 2018. Approximately, 13,000 Nigerian citizens received permanent residency visa in the year 2019. This is mainly because Nigerian citizens holding a significant advantage of being native English language speakers when applying for the Canadian PR visa under its Economic Class Visa Program.

Immigrants applying for Canadian PR from USA stagnant

Despite the fact that Donald trump is imposing an increasing number of individuals to leave USA.However, some recent evidences have revealed that this is not at all a real scenario. A small number of over 11,000 citizens from USA has immigrated to Canada in the year 2019. This figure is now consistent from last few years, where only 3 percent of new immigrants from USA are coming to USA each year.

Canada welcoming a greater number of immigrants from across 175 countries

Canada is the most welcoming country for immigrants across the world as it is inviting eligible and skilled professionals from across 175 countries each year. here, Indians share a total of 25 percent and is an impressive figure. This simply means 1 out of 4 eligible applicants who got Canada PR in 2019 is an Indian Canada is able to attract such great number of immigrants also because of its points-based economic class immigration system, which was launched in the year 1967. Due to this major development, Canada has seen a rather great diversification in its immigrant sources.

Canada’s economic class immigration system does not consider the country of origin of the candidate. In addition to this, Canada does not have any per-country quotas in place. As long as the applicants are able to meet the eligibility criteria for Canada’s eligibility criteria, they are welcomed by the maple country with open arms.

The province of Yukon also experienced an exponential rise in its immigrant’s intake to up to 24 percent in the last two years.

New Immigrants invited by Canada between 2017 to 2019



2017 2018 2019


286,510 321,055 341,180




137,435 153,340
British Columbia


38,445 44,870 50,320


42,095 42,025 43,685


52,405 51,125 40,545


14,705 15,230 18,905


14,680 15,510 15,855
Nova Scotia


4,515 5,965 7,580
New Brunswick


3,650 4,610 6,000
Prince Edward Island


2,350 2,135 2,445
Newfoundland and Labrador


1,170 1,530 1,850


225 305 400
Northwest Territories


240 280 195


40 30 40
Provinces and/or territories not stated


40 10 15

From all the ten provinces in Canada, Ontario has been proved to be the most favorite places among all the immigrants to make their first landing on the Canadian land. Ontario is certainly abundant in business and job opportunities especially for Information Technology (IT) as well as other technical fields; making the first and foremost choice among many immigrants to choose Ontario over other provinces across the maple country.

Greater Toronto Area attracting maximum immigrants

More than one in every three new immigrants chose to establish themselves in Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Toronto has welcomed more than 1,18,000 immigrants when compared to all the four major Atlantic provinces of Canada, that are, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the three combined territories of Canada.

Vancouver is the second most leading city in Canada after Toronto to welcome 40,000 immigrants; also followed by Montreal (over 35,000) and then Calgary (over 20,000).

The four largest cities in Canada: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary have together invited approximately 62 percent of all the total new immigrants in the country; which is although a little less than their share of 64 percent in the year 2018. The decline is primarily because of various other immigration programs are getting introduced by both, the Federal as well as the Provincial governments of Canada.

Canada plans to welcome over 3,60,000 new immigrants in the year 2020

With respect to its 2019-2021 Immigration Level Plans, the Federal Government of Canada is targeting more than 3,40,000 new immigrants’ arrival for the year 2020 alone. Further, since Canada was able to achieve its yearly target last year, it may plan to exceed it again for the current year. Moreover, this plan would facilitate the Canadian Government to welcome more than 3,60,000 new migrants to the country. More clarification on the Federal Government’s immigration plans for 2020-2022 will be soon announced by the Immigration Minister for Canada, Marco Mendicino in the upcoming months.

With Canada offering multiple pathways to apply for their Permanent Resident (PR)Visa and the CRS cut-off score decreasing in every subsequent Express Entry Draw as well as under Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), there could not be the best time than now to apply for the Canadian immigration.

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