Important COVID-19 related delivery instructions for permanent residency applications being laid down by the IRCC are detailed as follows:

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  • Application Intake
  • Travel Documents
  • Approved Permanent Residence Applications (COPR and PRV)
  • Re-opened applications
  • Medical Examinations

Application Intake

Intake of new applications for permanent residence will continue. However, files that are incomplete because of any unavailable documents will be provisioned to retain in the system and will be reviewed in 90 days time period.

Other, new and complete applications for permanent residency immigration program will be processed as per normal procedures, according to section 10 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR).

In case a new application is missing any supporting documents (which requires payment of associated fees), then the applicant is required to include an explanation note along with their application describing that they are affected due to the service disruptions due to novel coronavirus. The application will be then promoted and will be reviewed in forthcoming 90 days. New applications will be promoted in the order in which they would be received, and the org ID is mandatory to be associated with them when the applicant self-identifies. In case the application would remain incomplete in 60 days time, then the officer should drop a request on missing documents while providing with an additional 90-day deadline.

Applications still found to be incomplete with no explanations given during their submission, or for reasons that are not related to the disruptions of services related with the impacts of COVID-19, may get rejected as per section R10 and all the fees linked with the application would be refunded back to the applicant. The main reason for rejection should be then not related to the disruptions of services.

Offices based in Centralized and Domestic Networks will continue to process the applications for permanent residency where the principal applicant should be based in Canada and has any overseas dependants in China, South Korea or Iran, taking into account all the plausible delays that may take place. The principal applicant should be given permanent residence visa if their overseas dependants cannot travel. Clients will be contacted to take required subsequent steps once the travel will become possible again.

Travel Documents


Permanent residents of Canada who need a permanent resident travel document to return back to Canada are suggested to contact the VAC contact Centre for any additional instructions. Applicants that have requested urgent travel outside of China should be supported and directed to contact the IRCC Beijing via email but that only in case of any exceptional cases. Permanent residents will be asked to submit their PRTD applications to the embassy through commercial courier.


Permanent residents who would be required to present a PRTD application to return to Canada are suggested to contact IRCC using the web form. Clients residing outside of Canada should select the “Yes” option when asked, “Is your application being processed by an office located OUTSIDE Canada?” and then should select “Turkey-Ankara” as the visa office processing their travel application. Applicants requesting for urgent travel outside Iran are suggested to contact the IRCC Ankara directly, however in exceptional cases only through email. Permanent residents will be asked to submit the applications directly to the embassy through courier.


Permanent residents who might require a PRTD to return back to Canada should come in contact with IRCC using the web form. Clients residing outside Canada should select the option “Yes” when asked, “Is your application being processed by an office located OUTSIDE of Canada”? and then should select “Philippines – Manila” as the visa office processing their travel application. Applicants requesting for urgent travel outside of South Korea should be assisted and directed to contact the IRCC Manila, however only in exceptional cases via email. Permanent residents would be asked to submit their applications directly to the embassy using courier.

Approved permanent residence applications (COPR and PRV)

Permanent residence visa applicants who already possess a confirmation of permanent residence (COPR) and permanent resident visa (PRV) are requested to inform the IRCC by submitting a web form, describing that they are not able to travel within the validity of their documentation and the same should be processed as explained below:

Valid COPR and PRV: In an effort to reduce the total number of cancelled COPRs and PRVs, an additional note should be attached in the file explaining that reason for inability of the applicant to not travel and the file is required to be brought forward to the date of expiration of COPR and PRV. In case the applicant informs the IRCC that they are allowed to travel prior to the COPR and PRV expiration date, they would be encouraged to use their current COPR and PRV to land on their destination.

Expired COPR and PRV: If the applicant informs the IRCC using the web form that they are not able to travel after their COPR and PVR would be expired, or if they are not able to travel before its expiration, then officers should re-open the application, and it should be then brought forwards for the review in the forthcoming 90 days.

Re-opened applications

Approved applications that can be re-opened in the Global Case Management System (GCMS) by cancelling your COPR and PRV and also by removing the final decision.

When to review a re-opened application

Once the applicant would inform the IRCC through the web form that they have the permission to travel and therefore are able to travel, in that case, a re-opened application can be re-approved provided that the applicant along with their family members, whether accompanying them or not, have a valid immigration medical examination with them, criminal assessment, security checks and also their travel documents or valid passports.

In case the 60-day waiting period would elapse and the applicant has not informed in prior to the IRCC that they have the permission to travel, then a note should be attached with the application, and it should be then brought along for review for adding 60 days in your application.

Medical Examination

Note: Currently, these medical instructions applied to only those applicants that are residing in China only.

All permanent residence applicants should have a validated immigration medical examination or IME results in stringent orders for officers to give a final take on their application. A complete list of all the panel physicians located across China is easily available on the IRCC website. Should the IMEs be expired on their own by the time the applicant along with their family members are ready to travel, then new IMEs or reassessment of the IMEs, if possible will be then needed prior to finalization of the application. Do not request a new IME until and unless the applicant indicates that they are all ready to travel.

The Migration Health Branch will continue to indentify all those applications where the applicant is residing in China and especially those whose medical results are going to expire in duration of coming 4 to 8 weeks. Identified applications that have an original M1 or M3 decision will be assessed proactively for an extra 6 months. Should any applications that have not ready already been reevaluated come to the attention of the processing officers, then these officers are instructed to contact the Migration Health Branch with the below instructions:

  • The reassessment request has been made as a result of the novel coronavirus situation.

Any applicants whose medical results have been reevaluated but cannot travel to Canada within the newly received extended 6-months validity will also be requiring new IME.

IRCC offices located abroad and case processing centers that are located within the Domestic Network should remain flexible in providing the required extensions for getting the medical examinations completed wherever feasible and also until further notice. These instructions will be updates as the situation would gradually become better.

Permanent residence applications with current medical results that are all valid for a period of more than 6 months may get finalized and the COPR could also be issued on same, if possible.

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