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Rules and Regulation of the UK Business visitor Visa

The Visitor Visa – Business applicant wishing to visit United Kingdom for undertaking a short-term business can apply for a Business Visitor Visa. The business related activities such as conference, interviews and meeting are acceptable. These activities should be arranged before your visit to United Kingdom. Other activities such as business negotiation, signing up agreements of trade, board level meetings and many more are also acceptable. A Visitor will only able to get these visas as he /she shows that they are visiting United Kingdom for not more than 6 months. In addition, the business activity will not exceed from that 6 months. They also have to show that they can support themselves and there is a financial supporter in the United Kingdom who care take if financial crisis appears. The applicant has to prove that he or she intends to leave United Kingdom after the visit is over. After fulfilling the above requirements, the applicant is eligible for the UK Business visitor Visa and is allowed to stay in United Kingdom for 6 Months. In addition, the plus point is during this time bound of 6 months the visitor is allowed to do multiple exit and entries in the United Kingdom. The result of these regulations is that

  • It allows considerable flexibility for an roll-out team or in house training
  • It gives considerable freedom to workers of companies likeSAP, Oracle etc. As the mainstream of the Information technology rollouts that are conducted via consultancies, which are rolling out their own company’s product at the customer’s site. The products, which are made by third party, will need a work permit of UK.
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