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Procedure For Tier 2 (ICT) Visa

A visa is a temporary authority to stay in the premises of different country’s territory. It is a conditional authorization that is given to an individual to live, spend holidays or business meet stay. With this authorization certificate,  a person can enter the territory of another country and move freely. This certificate has a validity period. A person is only authorized to live and stay for this period. Once the period expires, the visa needs to be updated. If a visa is expired, that person is staying illegally in the territory of the country. The person has to provide relative information to the authorities to get a visa. The detail information is needed such as duration of stay, identification, and the reason to stay.

A Tier 2 (ICT) visa  is Intra Company Transfer that allows a candidate to transfer to UK. This transfer can be done from an overseas branch of a UK company to UK. Transfer from another company is normally taken due to work on a specific project or any other issues. A person needs to provide a certificate that is given to him by the sponsor. This certificate is called as a certificate of sponsorship. The sponsor company must be a licensed company. This certificate should contain the post and job of the individual who is applying for a visa.

The applicant of Tier 2 (ICT) visa should fulfill some of the requirements that are either he/ she has been offered a job in UK. The next is he/she should meet all other eligibility criteria. He/ she must also be from countries other than European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.

There are four types of Intra-company transfer visa, and they are:

  • Long-term Staff Visa: This kind of visa gives more than 12 month authorization of the transfer, i.e. the holder of this visa has to work for at least 12 months for a particular company.
  • Short-term Staff Visa: This kind visa offers up to 12 months of transfer, i.e. the visa holder has to work for 12 months for their employer.
  • Graduate Trainee Visa: This visa offers special rules for graduate training programs. The applicant should have at least three months experience with their employer.
  • Skills Transfer Visa: This visa is for people who want to learn or share their knowledge and skill overseas or in the UK. There is no experience period required.

The fees for such visa depend upon the country the applicant is applying from and the duration of the visa. One has to apply  at least three months before their arrival to the UK and the decision on the visa is given within three weeks. Different countries have different guideline processing time for visas. The applicant can join their workplace on the date mention in their job description.

One can also travel to other countries and can bring their family members along. They are authorized to do voluntary work, but they cannot gain public funds. Visa holder can do a second job, but prior informing their employer and country authorities.


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