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Working visa detail information

A visa is a temporary or conditional authorization that is given to a person or an individual to enter the territory of different country. One can not get a visa easily as there are procedures that need to be followed. For a visa person need to provide detail information about him/ her. Every visa comes with a validity. This validity can be increased depending on the situations. Every country has some standard rules that they follow to  provide a visa to someone. While applying for a visa one has to provide their identity, stay duration, and many more things. Due to various incidents the rule of giving visa have gotten stricter. Any country around the globe would not allow any known person to enter and stay in their country’s territory.

The Tier 2 (General) visas are a visa given to someone who visits and stays in another country for work. A work visa is dependent on the job of the individual. The period given the visa should be kept renewing time to time. A visa that has passed the validity date can make a person illegally staying in the country. It is important to keep your visa updated.  This visa is applicable for people who have been offered a job in UK. If an individual is coming through a sponsor, they must have a certificate from the sponsor. The sponsor should be a licensed sponsor.

One can apply for a visa before three months of their arrival and joining date by the company. A person applying for a visa should provide all legal documents to the authority. The decision related to the visa is made within three weeks of applications.There is different period for the process of getting a visa in different countries. So it can be or cannot be within three weeks. The fees of Tier 2 (General) visas depends on the country the individual is applying from. It also depends on the destination of work and the way an individual is applying. The validity of working visa has been a maximum of 5 years and 14 days. It also  depends on the sponsor.

Things an individual can and cannot do when he has a working visa are:

  • He/ she can work according to their job that is described in the certificate provided by the sponsor.
  • An individual can do voluntary work or other work in the territory
  • One can also continue their study if it does not affect their job.
  • The individual is not authorized to get funds such as public funds.
  • Before getting visa, an individual cannot start with their job.

There are certain tests that an individual may have to go through to get a visa. This test includes knowledge of English test. Individual have to prove his/ her knowledge of English. They can do this by passing an English language test or if they have academic qualification they don’t have to give the test. Other then this qualification, identity proves are most important.

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