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Importance of Sole Representatives Visas

A visa gives temporary or non-citizen authority to an individual. An individual who has the nationality of some other countries can get clearance to different countries using a visa.  This authorization that is provided by the visa is not permanent, it expires in some time. The period depends on the duration individual has to stay in the territory and the duration a country permits. The individual has to apply for a visa by providing all his/ her detail information related to staying and identifications. Due to different incidents and attacks getting visa is now a tedious task. The rules have made strict in every country. There are different types of visa that are issued on the basis of reason a person is visiting other country’s territory.

A Sole Representatives visa is for someone who has to visit UK related to his/ her work. But, their company does not have existing branches in the UK. The applicant of the visa should have valid reasons to visit the UK. The visa holder cannot visit any country’s territory for their immigration convenience. As of now, they have to provide proof and certificates of the company they have to visit with a valid purpose.

Other than, identification the next thing needed is the reason behind the visit of the candidate. The candidate has to provide a certificate of sponsorship that is given to them by their company. A company who is offering sponsorship should be a licensed company. The company that is recently launched, established or have completed one year is not a suitable sponsor. Under this category of visa, such companies are not considered. The budget that is allocated to the UK authorities should be realistic considering company’s trading, size, and activity. There should not be any subsidiary, branch or any other relative representative of the company in the UK. If there is any existing representative, the application for a visa will be declined.

A Sole Representatives visa is given to senior employees that would work overseas for the benefit of their companies. The period for which they can stay using such visa is about three years. After three years, the candidate is qualified to extend their stay and update their visa accordingly. This extended period is two years. This visa holder will have free access to public schools and some national health service. The visa holder is also given liability to study and work that too without any interference or restrictions.

The applicant should at least apply three months before their arrival or visit as the procedure of visa takes up to 3 weeks. Within these three weeks, the decision for a visa is given. The procedure of visa in different countries takes a different period.  The fees for visa depend on the country applicant is applying for and duration of their stay. The applicant must be authorized to take an essential operational decision for their company that is oversea from the UK. There are certain tests that a candidate must go through. This test includes an English test, but if the candidate has academic qualification they don’t have to go through English test.

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