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Procedure for Uk Family Dependent visa

A visa works as an authorization certificate for allowing people in the company’s territory. The alien people are one who visit another country for various purposes such as business related work, vacations, medical emergencies and other reasons. A visa is a temporary authorization certificate. It is allocated by the country one has to visit. Every country has its own set of rules that includes some standard rules that should be strictly followed by each country. A visa comes with a validity period of certain months or years. The validity period dependents on the type of visit or stay. This validity period can be extended after expiry of the initial period. The information that an individual has to provide while applying for a visa includes duration, reason of visit and stay. Due to attacks and other incidents the visa issuing rules have become more strict.

A UK Family Dependent visa gives non0-citizen authorization to a family. If a family has to visit another country for vacations or any other reason, they should apply for this visa. This visa is designed for families. People can apply for this visa  if they are willing to visit their family members who reside or work in the UK. The applicant should be from countries other than Switzerland and European Economic Area (EEA). Other then country, applicants should also meet all eligibility criteria fro issuing visa.

For issuing, a UK Family Dependent visa one should make application at least before three months of their arrival. The procedure time in different countries is different. Mostly the decision related to visa is given within three weeks from the day of applications. There are online sites where one can look for visa processing time in their country. With this visa, one can stay up to 6 months in the UK. After completion of 6 months, the visa holder can also extend and update his visa for more period. This visa can last up to 10 years. The cost of the visa depends on the country from which you’re applying and the duration for which you are going to stay.

Things you can or cannot do when you have this visa:

  • Visa holder cannot do any business or related work.
  • An individual cannot study for more than 30 days
  • An individual cannot marry or make a civil partnership
  • He/ she is not authorized to notice related to marriage or partnership.
  • Visa holder cannot do any specific private medical treatment
  • Other family members cannot be brought along
  • For another family member, one must apply separately
  • One cannot switch to another type of visa

The eligibility criteria for issuing this type of visa includes various conditions such as

  • The individual should be 18 years or above
  • Stay duration must be less than six months
  • On the expiry of visa one leave UK
  • He/ she has to pay for their return journey

Before applying candidate, should agree to this condition and provide appropriate documents that are needed.

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