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Process Of UK FianceeVisa Issuing

A visa is a non-resident or non-citizen clearance that is given to the person who is a foreigner in a country. Visa comes with rules and constraints that include the period, employment, stay and many others. There are some countries that do not need visas in any circumstances. The possession of a visa is not permanent and can be revoked by country official if needed. The foreigner has to follow all the rules and regulation of the country they are visiting. The applicant should provide the official a proper reason for their arrival in their countries. For it, while a proceeding is done for issuing visas, all the rules are needed to be followed.

For different reasons and situations, there are availability of different visa. One of them is UK Fiancee visa. It gives privileges to civil partner and fiancé. The candidate that are applicable for this visa should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Both the applicant must be above 18 years
  • Candidate must be fiancée or civil partner of the resident of UK
  • The applicant has to prove their relationship
  • Civil partners should register their relationship
  • The candidate should meet financial requirement
  • The candidate should pass the English language test
  • An applicant having academic qualification does not have to go through the test

An applicant who meets the requirement is authorized to get UK Fiancee visa. The registration of marriage or civil partnership must be done within six months of their arrival in the UK. Once the registration is done, they can settle together.

The applicant has to apply for this visa about three months before their arrival. Processing and issuing stage of visa takes time. There are various online sites where you can look for time that is taken for issuing a visa in the applicant’s country. In many countries, the decision on the visa is given within three weeks from the application date. Some documents are also needed while applying that may include identity proof and other detailed information about the applicant. This information helps the official of other countries for knowing the applicant and issuing them visa for their country.

The applicant should successfully prove their genuine relationship and that it would be continued further. The fees of this visa depend on the country candidate is applying for and the duration for which the application is made. Next fee structure varies depending upon the children the applicant are bringing along.

Once the applicant fulfills all the requirement and relative criteria for a visa, he/ she will be given visa for six months. The couple should marry or can enter into a civil relationship. The visa holder after marriage can apply for partner visa and settle with their partner in the UK.  The visa holder can visit UK any time in within six months. The visa holder will be given rights for freely accessing public schools and different National Health service. The visa holder is not allowed to work on this visa. They can only visit and stay in the UK.

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