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AIT Immigration Consultant Services In Noida & Delhi/NCR

The asylum immigration tribunal or commonly known as AIT is a judicial committee established in the UK that encounters with the authority to pay attention regarding applications from many immigration and asylum decisions. The working process of this system is to give justice to the illegal immigrants and tribunal people who stay in the UK.

The first tier tribunal facility is an independent phenomenon of tribunal that is dealing with the applications against decisions that is being made by the Home Secretary of the UK. Previously, the asylum has put an end to the two tier structure, present and formed a single tier tribunal with the help of the members of the IAA which later on became asylum immigration tribunal.

The tribunal is independent of government establishments in the UK and a judge will present during the hearing of the both side argument and stated the decision depending on the argument. The AIT is formed to determine and decides the visa application, asylum application, gives permission to stay or leave in the UK, deportation from the UK, and give entry clearance to the UK. You can seek the help and advice regarding this tribunal system from a regulated immigration advisor present around the UK. Though this facility you can be able to eradicate all your worries and remain sustained in the country. So avail the facility by joining us with the forum and live a worry free life in the country like the UK and make your dream come true.

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