Our journey with Immigrationxperts started in Aug 2015. Manish Srivastava (our principal consultant) was highly recommended to us by my wife’s friend. At the time, one of my friend was pursuing her immigration process
Why, first apart from arranging all the documents there is not a thing you have to worry about (and believe me there’s a ton of stuff apart from this). Secondly their knowledge of the process is the best tool you can avail to ensure you score maximum points at each stage.
From providing us with doc formats to language test study material to countless other things, he was there to guide us every step of our way.
On this day of May 16, 2016 I have the Australian PR in my hand and my friend who started before me is still waiting for her invitation. You can’t ask for proof of a better success story Immigrationexperts built us than this.
Special thanks to Ms. Chinki for replying to all my long mail chains of endless queries curtly and on time.
Visa Grant in 3600 hours i.e. 5 months WOW!
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Need a consultation for visa or migration services? We can help you. Simply knock us for any requirements through mail or via phone. All you need to do is to send your latest resume, spouses resume (if married). We have the latest information about the services and updates on selection process of various countries around the world.
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