Queensland Simplifies the Visa Requirement for PhD Graduates
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Recently it was announced by Queensland state government that Visa requirement for Queensland state sponsorship has been eased for PhD graduates. This is astounding news for PhD graduates who completed overall PhD in Queensland; they don’t require a 12 month job offer when they apply for Queensland state sponsorship. It has been ages since any relaxation has been announced for students doing PhD there, the students can have a sigh of relief. Likewise, they can apply for state sponsorship without any worries.


Miraculously the change in the application for sponsorship is open for all occupations which are available for Australian migration. Especially, it facilitates Queensland PhD graduates who unfortunately who have an occupation but is not listed in skilled occupation list or who entail additional points in order to satisfy the points based test for migration. This helps migrants who are looking for some points to qualify for the migration points based test, having a PhD under the belt finally pays off for migrants.


Under the Queensland government’s immigration new guidelines, a state-sponsored visa can either be permanent or provisional depends on your choice which will open the pathway to permanent residency for you. If and when you have permanent residency for Australia you can enjoy all the facilities the country has to offer unbiased of the fact that you are a migrant. Moreover, there is great news; you can call your immediate family to live with you after obtaining permanent residency.


At present, there are two separate lists for the purpose of state sponsorship maintained by Queensland Government, which includes the list for Subclass 190 Permanent State Sponsorship and the other for the Provisional Subclass 489 visa. Both lists are intended to endorse the settlement of new migrants in regional areas of Queensland.
If you are looking to relocate to Australia this is a fine opportunity, consult immigration experts today.

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