Mr. Divay Nagpal

Mr. Divay Nagpal

An inspiring, and high growth leader, Nagpal is driven and passionate about driving change, and building high growth teams, , through transitioning a pioneer business into a new age organization that disintermediates the existing structure of services and recreates the consumer experience in a digital, physical and global ecosystem.

He is very passionate about creating a positive future for students and families, and has played an important role in building the business with a value system that encourages and rewards people focused on social impact. His strong values of professionalism, transparency, ethicality and commitment to the student’s future are the foundation and have been, the guiding philosophy behind the organization.

He is well-versed in procedures and law, and committed to providing the best possible solution to every applicant.

He is calm and confident counsellor who is very patient as well while having a counselling session with his students. His vast knowledge of universities and courses makes her students easily choose what is best for them.

Education – Holding Bachelor’s of commerce with Honour.
And a Professional degree – Bachelor’s of law and also hold a certificate in educational and career counselling from london B- School

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