Ms. Diyani

Ms. Diyani

With a Ph.D. in Mass Communication and over 10 years of experience as an academician in various colleges and universities, Dr. Divyani thoroughly understands that every student has specific requirements and the same approach cannot work for all.

With a strong background in research and communication and being a University Gold Medallist, she has the flair for English and holds immense command over the fundamentals that makes a strong foundation for gaining confidence and overall understanding of language for the students, especially those who struggle in the language proficiency test like the Pearson Test of English, i.e., PTE.

It is not just her expertise as an academician that stands as a testament to her credibility as a PTE Trainer, but, apart from the same, her being a 90 scorer herself in PTE and after having trained numerous students for the PTE exam from different parts of the world to ace the exam which earns the applicants crucial points (upto 20 points) , PTE 79 each for their visa applications.

Dr. Redhu has gained experience as a PTE Trainer to make her teaching techniques in sync with the requirement of the PTE exam. With a result-centric approach, she has devised teaching pedagogies which increases the potential for a favourable result in the PTE exam manifold.

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