Maximizing Immigration Benefits with Mutual Cooperation in Canada, Ontario
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A mutually benefitting agreement between Ontario and Canada was signed today in Queen’s Park in a proper ceremony by both the Ministers (Honourable Ahmed Hussen of IRC and Honourable Laura Albanese of Citizenship and Immigration of Ontario)

The COIA (Canada – Ontario Immigration Agreement) is setup with a blueprint in order to reinforce the long standing partnership between Canada and Ontario embrace the immigrants into the country and help them to settle in ensuring both the economy and country’s humanitarian responsibilities are boosted to next level. The contract also provides a rough sketch according proper authority and role to individuals; along with setting priorities in selected policy and program integrity for immigration and attracting immigrants as well as refugees fluent with French language.

Highlights of COIA


Apart from small but imperative facts it was also decided by both Ontario and Canada to jointly put in the effort to train foreign candidates with skills required to work proficiently in the sectors they are joining ensuring they meet the requirements set by the provinces. A complete investment plan costing about $91 million is spent in integrating training programs for three years from now which inculcates $70 million from Ontario and rest $21 million from IRCC. These training programs are arranged to settle and boost the progress of new immigrants to meet the required skills needed for jobs under the provinces.

The initiatives taken by both Canada and Ontario Government showcases and displays a belief and united front taking the economic condition of the country in a positive direction along with providing both cultural and social benefit to newly added immigrants into the country. This agreement is a crucial step in connecting the Government of both the country as well as imperative provinces which will lead to a successful setup of immigration system.

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