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Express Entry Draw, 124th draw received 3,600 invitations to apply (ITAs). This draw remains the biggest amount of ITAs that have been issued since early 2019. In addition, the minimum score for eligibility in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) was 457–a nine-point drop from the previous draw.


Express Entry program is the primary source of qualified overseas employees. Among other factors, eligible candidates enter the Express Entry pool and receive a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score based on age, education, skilled work experience, and English or French skills. Invitations to Apply (ITA) to Canada Permanent are awarded to the highest-ranked applicants.



For the August 20 draw, the tie-breaking rule was implemented, meaning that not all 457-point applicants will receive an ITA. Since various applicants have 457 points, prioritization will be given to those who presented their Express Entry profile to the pool at 15:32:42 UTC prior to March 24, 2019.


Since July 10, IRCC has issued 3,600 ITAs at a moment. IRCC issued 3,350 ITAs per all-program Express Entry draw between January 30 and June 26, meaning the previous four drawings have yielded 250 more ITAs than most of this year’s drawings. These expanded draw sizes could help IRCC outperform its one-year ITA record of 89,800 invitations set last year.


Why the CRS Cut off Goes Down?


Most of the People may amazed why the CRS in the Latest Cut off goes down by 9 Points, between the previous round and this round. The time gap is only 8 days between the Recent two Express Entry Draws. But normally IRCC waiting time between draws are of exactly two weeks. The amount of time between draws is one major factor influencing the cut-off. With less time, a Small number of candidates entered the competitive pool, resulting in a decrease in the CRS score.


There is a range of factors that may influence the CRS cut-off score, including:


  1. The number of candidates invited;
  2. The frequency of draws;
  3. The number of new candidates entering the pool; 
  4. Changes in the CRS scores of existing candidates, whose scores may increase or decrease depending on their circumstances.


CRS score distribution of candidates in the Express Entry pool as of August 15, 2019


CRS Score Range Number of Candidates
601-1,200                                                                                127
451-600 7,038
401-450 38,908
441-450 8,084
431-440 9,968
421-430 6,442
411-420 6,819
401-410 7,595
351-400 42,641
391-400 7,526
381-390 9,159
371-380 8,809
361-370 8,796
351-360 8,351
301-350 24,532
0-300 3,633
Total 116,879



A total of 116,879 candidates were in the Express Entry pool as of August 15. The graph below shows their CRS score distribution at that time.


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