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In new move to ensure credibility of the migrant towards Australian society as whole as well as keeping the demands of the national security in the forefront, Australian Government has planned to introduce Provisional Visas as mandatory criteria for immigrants looking for Permanent Residency in the country. All the migrants will first have to visit and stay in the country on the basis of provisional visa before being granted with the Permanent Residency of Australia status. These individuals will have to stay in the country for certain time period as per the news norms being explored by the department of Immigration under transformation of visas. This change has brought in many questions in the mind of the country’s officials like...
Posted on July 25, 2017 at 12:06 pm

The following information has been sent from VETASSESS to migration agents via email: "We are pleased to announce that on 1 August 2017, we are launching Priority Processing service for our General Professional Occupation applicants. This premium service will offer applicants the option to fast track their application for an additional fee. We understand that some applications need to be processed with urgency - Priority Processing will ensure that the application is finalised within 10 business days. Consideration for Priority Processing will only be given to new ONLINE applications lodged after 1 August. Full details about this service including the eligibility criteria to be considered will be available on the website from Tuesday 1 August 2017. This service will not...

With recent changes being brought in by the Australian government in terms of staff cut in the immigration department, the waiting period for garnering visa and Australian citizenship might increase. The main aspects of this change as stated by Mr. Mike Pezzullo, Department Secretary is: The change in staff is made to overcome the under equipped units of counter terrorism. He believes the waiting time period is affected more by the growing number of applications for visa. Under this change about 335 staff employees have been shifted from the immigration department’s visa and citizenship area. As per Mr. Pezzullo changes in the staff member of immigration department does not necessarily result in increase in waiting time period for the permanent...

In order to invite more immigrants of top notch skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM) and ICT towards Australia, the government has made the decision to make some favorable changes in the points awarded under test system. As per the changes dictated, a student in Australian University of foreign nationality pursuing high level of course like Doctorate or Master’s has the benefit of getting higher points under visa for Skilled Worker if they wish to work in Australia after completing their education. A total of 5 points can be availed by the foreign nationality students pursuing master’s by research or doctorate qualification in ICT or STEM fields. In the words of Spokesman under Department of Immigration and Border Protection...

Australian Government announced change of hands in handling immigration matters with private companies being given reign to operate visa system and immigration charges so as to avoid getting stuck with cost blow outs and also deal with influx of visitors and immigrants alike. With the country’s in season just round the corner and tourists planning for their holiday spirit the immigration department has decided to involve private companies excelling in immigration processes to tackle the tasks related to tests, corner any fraud committed and overall decision of granting the visa or not. This shift of handling visa and its related processes over to private space is narrowed down to 10 year contract with cost of about $9 billion. The same...

As per new global study Australia has been ranked in top four positions as one of the most favored countries by immigration applicants all over the world. The main attractions amongst the prospective applicants is the country’s stable economy, progressive work culture and job market as well as the high quality of income. Sweden tops the comparison chart of top immigration favorite countries due to its strong and warm social culture, with Canada, Switzerland and Australia taking the 2nd, 3rd and 4th position respectively. The 5th position was taken up by Germany, while US, the Super Power Country, fell short of being counted in top five due to its economic propensity. The Best Countries Survey conducted globally included about 21,000...

Immigration authorities from Ontario recently clarified their earlier stance on target occupation by releasing an official list. Earlier, they only mentioned about giving preference to IT and creating a separate stream for it. The newly released official List contains all the occupations that will be given a preference by the province of Ontario. List of Targeted Occupations: NOC 0131: Telecommunication Carriers Managers NOC 0213: Computer and Information Systems Managers NOC 2133: Electrical and Electronics Engineers NOC 2147: Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers and Designers) NOC 2171: Information Systems Analysts and Consultants NOC 2172: Database Analysts and Data Administrators NOC 2173: Software Engineers and Designers NOC 2174: Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers NOC 2175: Web Designers and Developers NOC 2241:...

Canada Immigration Bill C-6 was recently passed by their parliament and has also received the royal assent. The newly introduced law is nothing short of a benediction for immigrants living in Canada. Bill C-6 directly amends Canada citizenship act and reduces the total time Canadian Permanent residents have to wait before applying for a Canadian Citizenship. This comes as a great relief for all Canadian Permanent Residents. Most of the changes enforced by this bill will come into effect by 2018. Here are a few changes that took effect immediately on July 19, 2017: Dual Citizens will now be convicted under the Canadian Justice System for breaking law. Their citizenship will not be revoked. Permanent residents do not need to...

In the latest express entry Draw, 3,409 candidates received an Invitation to Apply from IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) Candidates, with a minimum CRS score of 499 qualified to receive an ITA for Express Entry Draw held on June 28. This is the first ever express entry draw after the changes introduced on June 6, 2017. According to the new rules, candidates with siblings in Canada were to receive additional points. Also, applicants with proficiency in French language also received a few additional points. The recent changes have had a substantial effect on the latest express entry draw. These changes have been a benediction for applicants who already have a family member or a sibling present in Canada. The...

Ontario has recently introduced a separate stream for express entry candidates with required skill and experience in the field of Information Technology (IT). IT has witnessed a substantial amount of boom in the recent years. There are far more job openings than personnel with required level of skill, knowledge and experience. Ontario, by creating a new stream for IT, is targeting the skilled and experienced IT professionals who have applied to the express entry pool and want to live in Ontario. Eligibility Criteria for Human Capital Priorities Stream for IT: At least a Bachelor’s degree in the aforementioned field. Degree from a Canadian institute or a foreign institute that adheres to Canadian Standards Proficiency in English or French (Checked through...
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