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The migrant council of Australia has supported alertness

Posted On 3:31am on Wednesday 10th October 2018


The migrant council of Australia has supported alertness against the strong growing advance of the entry of the new migrants to the regional areas, considering it might stunt economic growth. The immigration Minister David Coleman stated that he is closely observing to accord incentives and streamline the visa process to invite more migrants to shift to the important cities outside. The Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison has indicated plans last to moderate the admission of temporary migrants and to stimulate the new arrivals to come and settle in the regional areas.
The main reason behind the move is that it comes to the major cities: Sydney and Melbourne and these cities are already going through the pressure of an overcrowded population and congestion.

Mr. Coleman states providing strong possible reasons to the immigrants to shift to the regional areas and ensure that they will stay whenever they want. He stated to the Sky News last Sunday – “I don’t want to get into specifics about particular visas and so on … but what I would say is that it’s about creating the right structure”. “So the right incentives, the right reasons for immigrants to choose those regional areas.”It’s also about ensuring that that’s followed through upon. Obviously, if people come on a visa that’s meant to be based in a regional area then compliance needs to be there to make that happen.”
The Australian Migration Council Chief Executive Carla Wilshire stated that the proofs show that the migrants who have settled in the regional areas are doing pretty well. The chief executive, Wilshire also added that there are many immigrants who possess experience in specific skills that were used best in the urban areas. Almost 87 percent of skilled migrants shift to Melbourne or Sydney.
Ms. Wilshire said to AAP “Migration is immensely important to Australia’s economic future and we need to be careful not throw the baby out with the bath water”.”A migration program that addresses the requirements of regional Australia does not solve basic infrastructure problems”. “If we are going to continue to grow and stay competitive then we need to make the investment in infrastructure in our cities.”
There are many regions in Australia that have been inviting the immigrants that comprise South Australia, the Goldfields in Western Australia and Victoria’s Warrnambool the immigration minister Mr. Coleman added.
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