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In Immigration Xperts, we facilitate visa for the visiting purpose to many beautiful places. Honk Kong is very well-known for its cultures, climate, language, history etc. The colorful country of China is full of attractive destination and wonders. It often attracts tourists; the elegant hospitality of Hong Kong also plays a crucial role in the magnetization of visitors.

In Immigration Xperts, we offer special importance to our clients who want to visit Hong Kong. We provide two types of Hong Kong Visitor Visa, i.e. – visa for short stay and visa for long stay.

For Short Stay:

It is again categorized into Business Visa as well as Tourist Visa. Different requirements are there for these two types of visas. At Hong Kong airport, you can receive a visa of staying but only for less than fourteen days time period. This stay is totally authorized for the people having Indian passports.

For Long Stay:

For more than 14 days of staying, you need a Long stay visa and the processing time span of this procedure is about four to six weeks. Only after the authorization of Hon Kong Immigration Department, we contact the applicant for the following processes of requirements.

Mandatory Requirements:

Original passports, Confirm and authenticated return ticket from Hong Kong are obligatory for Hong Kong Visitor Visa. Valid International Credit Card is required or approval of foreign exchange facility must be mentioned on the passport. Your passport must have six months validity and the ticket of returning within 14 days must be with you. For long stay Hong Kong visa form must be filled correctly by the applicant. An additional fee for visa is a part of this section and other applied conditions will be provided to you after contacting Immigration Xperts.

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