Guilty Immigration Officer Flees Australia with 1.2 Million in the Bank
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Recently, a corrupt immigration official and her husband who were allegedly involved in a $3 million visa racket were allowed to flee the country with more than a million in the bank soon after their home was stormed by federal agents.


Reetika Ajjan, who was a former employee of the Australian Department of Immigration, was accused of supplying government information and equipment to an illegal racket whose master mind was her husband Jeetender, which caused in more than 1,000 deceitful visa applications. This is shocking news for Australia’s Immigration Department who had no clue that this racket has been operational for many years.


A police raid at the couple’s house turned up almost $500,000 in cash, which was enough to charge the couple with the felony.


But unfortunately, Mr. and Ms. Ajjan were successful in fleeing the country because the Immigration Department was unsuccessful to seize passports or safeguard a criminal charge was laid quickly.


Surprisingly, the couples were also able to wire $1.2 million to India safely in the days after the raid and before they fled to India. This has resulted in a buzz in the immigration scenario all over the world. The Australian Government is dazed at their incompetence to catch the couple and not having knowledge of this shocking event.


A press conference from the Immigration Department, conveyed that investigators thought Ms. Ajjan should be heavily charged for dealing with proceeds of crime of a value exceeding $100,000, which carries a penalty of up to 20 years in jail for engaging in this felony with her partner.


Ms. Ajjan and her accused husband are now happily living in Delhi and Australian authorities are unable to press charges against them, their best hope is to at least attempt to recover the $1.2 million she transferred to India, which is alleged to be the proceeds of crime, but the Australian Federal Police has indicated the money may be difficult to recover. These shocking events take place many a times in different countries; the authorities need to be more alert so that these rackets don’t take place

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