Denmark Immigration

Denmark Immigration

Denmark is the most aesthetically beautiful Scandinavian nation having myriad of opportunities for immigrants looking to migrate for permanent residency, work or study purposes. This mesmerizing Northern European nation is prospering to great heights and has much to offer in terms of work, culture and favorable circumstances for those looking to settle abroad in a growing economy country.

Irrespective of the fact that you are a businessman, employee, student or an investor, by opting for Denmark you can make hailstorm of positive changes in your life while residing in this country and working in its employee friendly work culture. With the country being one of the most successful across the globe, anyone having an opportunity to work would jump at the chance to do so. For those looking to settle outside of their country in order for better work culture, Denmark’s recent increase in demand for trained employees, innovative investors and businessmen along with its easy to access permit submissions (for which the best guide would be experienced Denmark immigration consultants), the combination of Denmark and these immigrants certainly looks promising.

Demand for Experienced & Capable Employees: Denmark currently stands having one of the most flourishing developing economies which in general sense is perfect for growth and development of the immigrant over the years. You can avail this opportunity with Denmark by directly applying for the visa or by going through Denmark immigration consultants who can easily guide you through different processes and ways to enter this beautiful country as per your real purpose for going there. There are basically five ways of entering that are enumerated below:

Green Card Entry: Many whom opt for Denmark as there place of work, also go for Green Card entry mode as this entry accords immigrants to work and stay in the country as well as some of the other member countries of European Union (EU). Basic eligibility criteria to enter must be passed to get your Danish visa without any fuss, for which the best people to approach will be your contacts with Denmark immigration consultants as they are aware about all the rules and regulations along with recent upgraded ones. The certain key points of this entry are as follows:

  • First you are provided with Renewable permit card of 3 years, after which you can easily transfer it to your Green Card.
  • If you have been employed with a company for one year straight or have been working for more than 10 hours for one year, then you can easily extend your permit card limit.
  • With this permit card you can travel in any of the countries of EU.
  • With Green Card in hand you can work and reside in any of EU member countries.

Work Visa: Work permit is one of the imperative documents that are needed in cases of migrants willing to work in foreign countries they are immigrating to. A proper authorization to do work and residency paperwork is required to go overseas for work and living. If your qualification and job specification matches with that of the required in Denmark, then you can easily get your Work Visa. Ensure that you contact your Denmark immigration consultants for proper guidance of numerous schemes provided for Work Visa as listed below:

  • Green Card Scheme
  • Corporate Scheme
  • Pay Limit Scheme

Visitor Visa: Visitor Visa is basically opted when you wish to visit Denmark for certain few days and not to work or reside in the country for long term. As the security is generally very tight, immigration process can be tedious; however, visitor visa is compulsory for all tourists. In case you wish to stay in Denmark or any other EU member countries you can opt for residence permit that also offers the benefit of working and permanently residing in these countries in future, if you wish to do so. However, make sure your Denmark immigration consultants make you aware of all the rules that need to be followed, as in case you break any of them you can be deported or in some cases face imprisonment of 3-5 years.

The Positive List: One of the easiest entries into Denmark is if you make it to the Positive List that basically comprises of sectors wherein requirement of skilled professionals is at top priority. It also contains requirement of medical professionals for Danish Asylum. If you need more information you should contact your experienced Denmark immigration consultants.

Denmark Point System: Denmark offers the opportunity to work as well as settle in the country at the same time. In this scenario the immigrant has to qualify certain point system to get both work as well as permanent residency permit. However, if the individual has already garnered Green Card, he or she does not need to get work permit. Certain conditions for this system can be better explained by your selected Denmark immigration consultants.

For any future guidance or support for Denmark immigration you can contact us, Immigration Xperts, who house well qualified and experienced immigration experts who can resolve all your queries regarding any problem related to flying overseas. Our Denmark immigration consultants are quite adept with all the rules and regulations of the country and can expertly guide through the processes with least amount of hassle. So contact us today and save a seat on flight to Denmark as soon as possible.

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