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To survive in the foreign countries like UK, US, Denmark and so on, an individual should have a visa, work permit or a green card holder, as the immigration department is always in search of illegal immigrants’ throughout the country and if found they sent back the individual to their native country. Hence, the necessity of the green card and other documents comes with some frequently asked questions that should be clarified before getting any of these documents for your future.

Frequently asked questions and its answer regarding the Denmark green card:-

What is the agenda behind the Danish green card?

According to the point based immigration system, the countries like Denmark, UK, US, New Zealand and so on are welcoming the skilled professionals to settle there, either for the purpose of study or in search of job opportunity. The residence and work permit will be issued to the individual under the green card proposal, which is on the basis of evaluation of immigration point based system to verify that you are capable enough to find a qualified job or not in Denmark.

Can I accompany family members and friends with me, under this scheme?

Yes, you can accompany family members and friends with you and also avails the residence permits along with them with the Denmark green card scheme.

What is the duration of this scheme?

The residential permit along with the green card can provide you a minimum of three years duration under this scheme which can be further extended. But remember you can extend the scheme until and unless your passport validates. Once your passport get expires, you can’t be able to extend your green card scheme as well as residential permit.

Can you tell me about the time interval that is required during the process of this scheme?

It takes approximately thirty to sixty working days to process the Denmark green card scheme starting from the date of filing to till the completion of the process with all required documents.

Is there any financial requirement that has to show?

Yes, it is very much required to obtain a residence permit under the green card scheme, during the first year of the scheme to support you.

From the above discussed frequently asked questions, you may get the overall idea about the green card scheme that is basically required for sustaining in the foreign country like Denmark. And this scheme is not only comes with Denmark, but also with other foreign countries.

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