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In Denmark, it is possible to get a grant for work and residential permit for an individual who is looking for a job and working there as well. An individual has to qualify the points based system in order to get work and residence permit in Denmark. This point based system assesses the adaptability of the individual in the environment as well as his chances to find a descent job there.

If an individual has been granted residential permit under Greencard scheme he needs not to obtain a work permit here. When an individual gets a residence permit by Greencard scheme, it gives him a right to carry out unpaid or paid work according to his needs and abilities. On the other hand, a residence permit doesn’t allow the individual to work as a self-employed person.

If the individual is a Nordic citizen, he or she is free to stay, work or study in Denmark. But if the individual is an EU citizen or Swiss citizen, even though he or she has right to freely move in Denmark, he or she has to abide by some special rules.

If the individual has a valid residential permit based on asylum or family reunification or has a permit on humanitarian grounds, he or she too needs not to have a work permit in Denmark.

The individual has a responsibility of his own to obtain a residence permit if it is required. If one is illegally working in the country, he or she may risk deportation and the employer with the employee may risk to imprisonment and fine.

Points based System to obtain residence permit

If an individual wants to get a residence permit, he or she has to obtain a minimum of 100 points on language skills, educational level, work experience, age and adaptability. The candidate must have a proper health insurance for himself/herself and his/her dependent family or must have a Danish National Health Insurance.

It is essential to show a document for the individual that he or she is able to support himself or herself and the dependent family up till the first year of his or her stay in Denmark. A recent bank statement clearly stating the date when the statement was issued and currency will be a valid documentation. If the prime applicant wishes to apply for his family’s residence permit, he or she should show it in document he or she is able to support his family.

Educational level required

Educational level requirements differ from one country to another. For Danish requirements, the Danish Agency for Labor Retention and International Recruitment will decide if the educational level of any individual is needed to be assessed by a Danish agency for Universities and Internationalization, or or under Ministry of Science, Innovation & Higher Education.

An educational level of minimum as equivalent to Danish Bachelor’s degree is needed to earn enough points in order to succeed in the educational level criteria.

Colored photocopies of documents along with the application should be submitted to the Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalization. This should include documents and educational certificates up to the highest education.

Language skills criteria

An individual has to pass a four-level system modeled for the Individuals named as Danish Language proficiency tests for foreigners. An individual needs to document that he or she has passed German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or English up to a level equivalent to Danish Language test, Level 1. An individual has a chance to get points in either English or German language along with one Scandinavian Language.

Age criteria

An individual can get maximum score f he is within the specified age limit. If the applicant is within 34 years, he or she will get a maximum of 15 points for he age. If he or she is 35-40 years of age, 10 points will be awarded for the age.

Work Experience criteria

If an applicant has worked last five years in the same field he or she has experience and expertise, he or she will be awarded a maximum of 15 points. If he or she has worked for a year or two in the relevant field listed on the positive list, he or she will be awarded 10 points. If for last five years the professional is working elsewhere than his or her relevant field, he or she will be awarded 5 points. A maximum of 15 points can be awarded to an individual.

Adaptability criteria

If a person has earned qualifications or worked in Denmark, he or she will be awarded more marks. If an individual studies for a year in EU or Switzerland under higher educational program he will be awarded 5 points, while for completing a 3 year’s study in EU or Switzerland would give 10 points in the eligibility criteria.

An individual can also get points if he or she has a full year or two consecutive years of legal residence in EU country or Switzerland.

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