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Denmark Green Card provides you huge opportunity, if you want to settle in this gorgeous country. Many professionals to this country come for their career development every year and get settled here. Immigration Xperts facilitates all kinds of assistance with different types of schemes that help you to establish yourselves in the European Union.

Skillful migrants who are generally job-seekers come to Denmark with an access of 3 years renewable permit that comes under Green card scheme. These migrants are Non-European but permitted into Denmark with this particular document. You can file your application for Danish visum which allows your tour to Denmark for finding a job, but you must have to fit with the eligibility criteria. After it, a Green Card will be made available to you by the authorities of Denmark and it is your work permit as well as permission to reside there.

Denmark Green Card is an opportunity ticket for both profession and living in Denmark as well as in other countries of EU. The program is a small developmental step that has a vital role in the enhancement of industrial progress by providing skilled employees.

What are the different aspects of this Green Card:-

Immigration Xperts offer you Green Cards that help you to stay in Denmark temporarily for three years as it works as a residence permit. You can also extend its time period by applying extension but the limitation of the extended period is only up to four years.

If you are a regular employee for the past year or you have worked for at least ten hours in a week for one year, then this permit can be simply extended. This card authorizes you to be a permanent resident of Denmark but only in seven years of the immigration. The Green card holders have the right to travel in the countries without any difficulty or requirement of visa.

After permanent citizenship or residency, you will be allowed to work in any of the European countries. Authorization regarding reunification of family also comes under this scheme and you can live with your family after your permanent residency is authorized.

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