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Having parents stay with you is a dream come true for every child. The same can be said for the Australia Immigration visa holders. Having the familiar touch of parents nearby in an unknown country is blessing in itself. It is quite possible for Australian immigrants to have their parents with them either permanently or for at least few years by applying for any of the following visas:

The catch here, however, is that the child will have to act as a sponsor for their parents for certain period of time. The same has been recommended for family reunion visas by Productivity Commission of Australia, who have stated in their report that “Migrants who bring their parents to Australia should be responsible for their living costs as part of an overhaul to family reunion visas.”

This recommendation by the commission will impact and cause certain changes in the community of Australia and addressing the key points of the prepared report, the commission says:

The commission was asked to undertake an investigation citing the consumption of charges for visa and how it will affect the flow of immigration population of Australia.

The report compiled by the Productivity Commission established that there should be certain restrictions put on the commute of parents of immigrants, especially on the older bracket of the age that in turn might reduce the cost incurred by the health and welfare system which otherwise amounts to billions of dollars in the current scenario.

Certain specific recommendations by the commission emphasized on the point that under the temporary visa, parents can be allowed to stay for longer period in the scenario that the sponsor of the visa, as in the child, has the capability to bear the costs of health and welfare of his or her parents.

Another point made by the report is concerning the reason for applying with Non-Contributory Parent Visa. The commission stated that the only reason for allowing this visa should be narrowed down to ‘Compassionate Grounds’ only.

Migration Council of Australia Stated: “More Consultation Needed”

As per the views of Carl Wilshire, Chief Executive – Migration Council Australia, the report is quite balanced and thoroughly researched and thus, she welcomes the recommendations suggested with open arms.

She stated that, “I think it makes some excellent points about recalibrating what some of the economic advantages are of migration.” However the only point of concern she has in regards with changes suggested for immigrant’s parents’ visa process and system. She believes that any changes made in this direction should be taken very carefully and after thorough consultation within the community. She also said

“For a lot of migrant families, separation from parents is a particularly difficult part.”

And thus she believes proper consultation and survey on this change needs to be made before zeroing down to apply the change.

Joseph Caputo, Chairman of Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia, on reading the report, disagreed with the suggested change in migrant parent visa and stated that the principal governing this visa already follows very strict rules which makes being more stringent unnecessary. He said that it is very disappointing to know that the commission is recommending in making the regulations even more strict and tight for those migrants who wish to bring their parents to Australia.

Pointing out benefits of having parents nearby, he said that the grandparents make perfect babysitters for those immigrants who work hard not only for themselves but also for Australian community. They provide best childcare possible for their grandchildren.

He also gave another advantage of having parents in Australia by stating “”They can also contribute in other ways, including helping the family settle in Australia without the worry of an elderly parent alone overseas.”

New arrivals do not have any impact whatsoever on Local Jobs, Commission Report says

The report comprised by the Productivity Commission also sheds light on the impact of migration on the labor market of Australia. It clearly states that local worker and labors have not faced any kind of brunt, neither positive nor negative, from immigrants for the period of 2000-2011. The influence on the young labor market is negligible. Furthermore, the report also came to the conclusion that the employers are less likely to offer training on the job due to easy accessibility of trained and experienced migrating labor through Temporary Skilled Work Visa Subclass 457.

Another point noted is the pressure on land and upward swing of housing prices in the largest cities of Australia due to increasing immigration to Australia.

The Productivity Commission stated “Upward pressures are exacerbated by the persistent failure of successive state, territory and local governments to implement sound urban planning and zoning policies.”

Peter Dutton, Spokesperson for Immigration Minister responded by saying that the Federal Government has received the report comprised and will provide their response for the same recommendation in due course.

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