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Canada, the country of hockey fanatics, is one of the best tourist spots in the world. Canada has a diverse culture and houses the iconic Niagara Falls. Canada also provides the best maple syrup that can tantalize your taste buds when fused with pan-cakes. Canada is also a great spot for hiking and mountaineering. It sure would be great fun to visit Canada. There is just one thing that is stopping you, a visitor visa to Canada.

A visitor visa (subclass 600) enables a person of a different nationality to enter the boundaries of the county that gave permit through the visa. A visitor visa is mainly used for visiting another country temporarily. Business, leisure, tourism and medical treatment; whatsoever your reason might be for a temporary visit, you must acquire a visitor visa.

If you belong from an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)-required country, then you must apply for an eTA as well. This authorization is synced with your passport and will expire after five years. The validity of your eTA will be revoked if your visa expires. An eTA application process will cost you about CAD 7. The applications are processed at lightning fast speed and if there are no discrepancies found in the information that you provided then you may even get the authorization within minutes. There are many fake sites dealing in eTA, so try to dodge them. You cannot get an eTA if you are deemed inadmissible by the government of Canada. This may happen if you have criminal records or have been involved in human rights violation.

Applying for a visitor visa to Canada is not at all an arduous task. Create an account with Sign-in Partner or GCKey. Through this account you will be able to apply, carry out transactions and even check the status of your visa application. Provide the necessary information in the online form and attach your documents. Once done, click the ‘validate’ button. This will check for any field that is left empty and will lead to faster processing of your application. This way you will be able to make sure that you don’t leave any field empty while applying for a visitor visa to Canada.

For paper application, you can download the form and get a printout of the same. Before this you have to select your nationality and the required forms will be displayed. You must sign your forms yourself after filling it up. If you are under 18 then you must get your forms signed by your guardians. Make sure to check all the information and rectify any discrepancy before submitting the online visa application. Also, attach all the necessary documents before sending the application as it is impossible to attach them afterwards.

You must remember to carry all the necessary documents while travelling to Canada. Make sure to carry your passport and keep it safe and secure while travelling. Your passport is the only documentation proof of your identity and nationality which is universally accepted. Make copies of your passport to carry around with you. Keep the real passport hidden. If by chance you lose your passport then contact the embassy of your country as soon as possible or you might become a victim of identity theft.

At Immigration Xperts we have agents who are well versed in the art of filing for a visa. Our agents can fairly augment your chances of receiving your visitor visa to Canada. We adhere to the principle of customer satisfaction and aim to make the whole process of obtaining a visitor visa to Canada as easy as pie for you. For further details feel free to contact us.

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