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Canada to Open its Doors for 285,000 Foreign Immigrants in 2015
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Canada’s 2015 Immigration Plan Tabled ,7th November 2014


Some countries like India and China that already have just too huge a number of people are happy to run their economy with natives alone. The foreigners contribute, but only tourists or temporary students or workers.Canada is, on the other hand, a vibrant nation that is hungry for more and more human resources who can fill the gaps left by its limited population. To their credit, the Canadian Government is doing a fabulous job of welcoming, scrutinizing credentials and then managing and generally looking after its ever growing number of
November 1, 2015 saw the tabling of the Canada’s Immigration Plan immigrants. for the New Year 2015 that reveals in detail what all the national Government here intends to do in order to plug the gaps left in labour and skill shortages.The 2015 Immigration report of Canada, in a nutshell, aims to increase the number of immigrants to its shores in a marked manner. And it is doing it without deviating in any way from its ongoing Immigration plans and schemes such as the Canada Skilled Immigration and the Canada Express Entry 2015.
Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Mr. Chris Alexander outlined the basic objectives and other vital details regarding the annual Immigration Plan of Canada. Before one addresses the basic facts relating to the Immigration Plan of Canada that will come into effect from January 1, 2015 onwards, it is relevant here to understand the basic objectives behind the Immigration Plan –

  • Canada every year comes out with its Immigration Plan that details out how many international immigrants that it intends to invite to its shores and in what way and how many the nation wants to convert as its Permanent Residents (PR) and on what basis
  • The Canadian annual Immigration plan is based on the figures and data the national Government receives from its various Provinces and Territories as also on the immigration records of its own relating to the previous year
  • The 2015 Plan is, largely speaking, focuses on the vibrant and strong economic growth of the nation by dovetailing the Immigrant potential to the contribution they can make to its economy

Now, the following points stand out in the new Immigration Plan –

It not only enhances the total number of economic Immigrants that Canada desires to invite and then later with due course of time enable them to become Canadian Permanent Residents but has also made for the highest number of economic foreign origin Permanent Residents in the entire history of Canada.

The 2015 Plan also provides adequate space for Refugee arrivals and other related humanitarian as well as compassionate cases
Statistics do not lie, at least here

What the 2015 Canada Immigration Plan envisages is to juxtapose its existing work force potential with immigrant skilled worker addition and thereby pave the way for what is possibly the right mix that is required for the socio-economic needs of the society here.
In doing so, the Immigration Plan has ensured that its Immigration programs like the Canada Skilled Immigration and the Canada Express Entry 2015 merge nicely with the new Immigration Plans coming ahead –
It is an unprecedented increase in the number of economic Immigrants that Canada is embarking on as it has decided on welcoming 280,000 foreigners who are skilled in different areas and later support their cause to emerge with time as Canadian Permanent Residents (of course, here one is assuming that each of these immigrants are eligible).
Of this total, 65 per cent come from the economic category and the remaining 35 per cent are taken from the Refugees and other humanitarian need groups.

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