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Temporary or Tourist Visitor Visa for Canada

  • The basic requirement for all kinds of foreign visitors who are neither a Canadian Citizen nor a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) is that they have to obtain official Canadian Government’s permission to enter the country either with or without a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)
  • In other words, while Canada is generous and happy in welcoming the 35 million odd visitors to its shores, they do need to apply for and get the Temporary Resident or Visitor Visa before they enter Canada.
  • In the above condition, for obvious reasons, citizens of those countries who have got a Visa Exemption from the Canadian Government are excluded.
  • The visitors may be of any of the categories – tourists, temporary foreign worker (holding work permits), and international students with study permits.
  • The Tourist Visitor Visa or the Temporary Resident Visa as it is officially referred to as is a Canadian Visa that is issued by a Canadian foreign office that is located outside of Canada. And the TRV is evidence enough that the Canadian Government has granted permission for entry to the persons trying to visit the country.
  • The Tourist Visitor Visa that is a very much temporary grant of admission into Canada is either a single entry or multiple entry Visa as the case may be.
  • Normally, the Temporary Resident Visas are offered for a period of six months. Temporary foreign workers and international students are granted visas for periods that are determined case by case only.
  • It is to be noted here, that the possession of the TRV alone does not guarantee entry into Canada as at the port of entry the visitor has to demonstrate to the foreign official there that he/she intends to return to their home country only, otherwise permission for entry can be denied too.
  • The discovery of criminal or another anti-social behaviour at any point of time also can result in the visitor being sent back.

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