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British Columbia PNP Points Calculator 2019

Check your eligibility for Canada PR for the British Columbia PNP Province.

British Columbia PNP Points Calculator 2019 (BC PNP)

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is an immigration pathway for the skilled immigrants who are looking to live as a permanent resident in the province of British Columbia. Province of British Columbia nominates only the immigrants that are having the required skills and work experience as per the local labor market demands. To help in selecting the immigrants, BC PNP uses a points-based selection system: Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS).



Following are the topics that we will be discussing to help you to understand how SIRS and works and the immigration process through SIRS to British Columbia:


What is SIRS (BC points Calculator 2019) and how it works?

As mentioned before the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) is a point’s based program that helps BC PNP to nominate the skilled immigrants for permanent residency in the province. This system allows the province to prioritize immigrants who are able to demonstrate the required skills and support in the province’s economic growth.

For an immigrant to apply for the provincial nomination under BC PNP they must first register to SIRS by answering/completing all sections of online registration. There is one mandatory condition before applying under SIRS, at that is to have a job offer from an eligible employer of British Columbia.

The applicant can go ahead with the process of registration if they and the employer are able to meet the requirements of the program.  The employer is also required to support the application process. After completing the registration, the candidate profile is awarded registration score based on the factors like employment offer, location in the province, Education, wage and language ability.



SIRS allows the candidate to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) to apply for BC PNP provincial nomination. Based on the registration score of the candidate profile, it is decided whether the candidate will be issued an invitation to apply for provincial nomination. For issuing the ITAs, BC PNP held regular draws for the candidate scoring highest score in each category of BC PNP.

It is to be noted that to apply under BC PNP categories, candidates are not required to register under SIRS. Candidates who are applying under the following categories can apply directly via BCPNP online:

  • Skills Immigration – Health Care Professional
  • Skills Immigration – International Post-Graduate
  • Express Entry BC – Health Care Professional
  • Express Entry BC – International Post-Graduate

Candidates who have registered via SIRS are not guaranteed that they will get an ITA. In case they are invited, they have to submit a part of online application process fees.

BC PNP can make changes to the SIRS without any prior notice that includes changes to the scoring grids, length of time a single registration stays in the pool, and the frequency and size of the BC PNP draws

Check your eligibility for BC PNP with the help of our BC PNP CRS points calculator!!!




How to calculate BC PNP points?

With the help of BC point’s calculator 2019, the candidate will be able to calculate BC PNP points. Factors mentioned below will help the candidate to determine their SIRS score through British Columbia pnp calculator:

Factors are divided into two categories:

  • Economic Factors
  • Human Capital Factors

Section under Economic factors is as follows:

  • Skill level of B.C Job Offer: 60 points
  • The wage of the B.C Job Offer: 50 points
  • Regional District of Employment: 10 points


Following is the British Columbia PNP Points Calculator to illustrate the point’s distribution for Economic factor’s sections:

Skill level of B.C Job Offer
NOC Skill Level of Job Points Awarded
Level A (Including Skill Type 0) 25
Level B 10
Level C 5
Level D 5


Bonus Points:

  • Occupation is a “00” NOC: 15 points
  • Occupation identified in the B.C High Demand Occupations list based on BC Labour Market Outlook 2018 Edition: 10 points
  • Currently working in B.C for the employer in the occupation identified in BC PNP registration: 10 points


The wage of B.C Job Offer
Wage (In CAD) Points Awarded
$100,000 and above 50
$97,500 to $99,999 38
$95,000 to $97,499 37
$92,500 to $94,999 36
$90,000 to $92,499 35
$87,500 to $89,999 34
$85,000 to $87,499 33
$82,500 to $84,999 32
$80,000 to $82,499 31
$77,500 to $79,999 30
$75,000 to $77,499 29
$72,500 to $74,999 28
$70,000 to $72,499 27
$67,500 to $69,999 26
$65,000 to $67,499 25
$62,500 to $64,999 24
$60,000 to $62,499 23
$57,500 to $59,999 22
$55,000 to $57,499 21
$52,500 to $54,999 20
$50,000 to $52,499 19
$47,500 to $49,999 18
$45,000 to $47,499 17
$42,500 to $44,999 16
$40,000 to $42,499 15
$38,750 to $39,999 14
$37,500 to $38,749 13
$36,250 to $37,499 12
$35,000 to $36,249 11
$33,750 to $34,999 10
$32,500 to $33,749 9
$31,250 to $32,499 8
$30,000 to $31,249 7
$28,750 to $29,999 6
$27,500 to $28,749 5
$26,250 to $27,499 4
$25,000 to $26,249 3
Less than $25,000 0



Regional District of Employment
Regional District Points Awarded
Stikine, Central Coast, Northern Rockies, Mount Waddington, Skeena-Queen Charlotte, Powell River, Sunshine Coast, Kootenay-Boundary, Alberni-Clayoquot 10
Kitimat-Stikine, Bulkley-Nechako, Squamish-lillooet, Strathcona, Columbia-Shushwap, East Kootenay 8
Peace River, Comox Valley, Cariboo, Central Kootenay 6
Okanagan-Similkameen, Cowichan Valley, North Okanagan, Fraser-Fort George 4
Thompson-Nicolo, Nanaimo, Central Okanagan 2
Capital, Fraser Valley 2
Greater Vancouver 0


Sections under Human Capital Factors are as follows:

  • Directly related work Experience: 25 points
  • Highest Level of Education: 25 points
  • Language: 30 points

How these points (British Columbia PNP calculator) are distributed will be illustrated by the following British Columbia PNP Points Calculator:

Directly related work Experience
Work Experience duration Points Awarded
60+ months 15
48 to 59 months 12
36 to 47 months 9
24 to 35 months 6
12 months to 23 months 3
Less than 12 months 1
None 0


Bonus Points:

  • At least 1 year of directly related work experience in Canada: 10 points


Highest level of education
Level of Qualification Points Awarded
Doctoral or Master’s degree 17
Post Graduate Certificate or Diploma 11
Bachelor’s degree 11
Trades Certification 11
Associate Degree 4
Non-trades certification or Diploma 2
High School 0


Bonus Points:

  • Post-secondary education completed in B.C: 8 points
  • Post-secondary education completed in Canada (Outside of B.C): 6 points
  • Education Credential Assessment from a qualified supplier: 4 points
  • Trades certification assessment from the industry Training Authority: 4 points


CLB level Points Awarded
10+ 30
9 26
8 22
7 18
6 14
5 10
4 6
Below 4 0
No test 0


How to get ITA based on BC PNP CRS points calculator?

Once the candidates have entered the pool with the profile of the other candidates in the same selection pool, their profile will be ranked alongside them. Based on their rank (Calculate your BC PNP points with the help of BC Points Calculator), BC PNP via their regularly held their draw will invite the candidate to apply. Frequency and size of these draws will be decided based on the allocation and processing capacity of British Columbia PNP.

Check your eligibility for BC PNP with the help of our BC PNP CRS points calculator

If a candidate gets an invitation, they will have 30 days from the date they have been invited to submit their complete application through BC PNP online. If a candidate is not able to submit their application within 30 days of getting the invitation, their registration will be removed from the selection pool and their invitation will get canceled.



Following are the reasons on the basis of which BC PNP can refuse an application:

  • Information in the registration is different from the information submitted in the application
  • The candidate is not eligible to receive the points assigned to him or her at the time of registration
  • The application does not meet applicable category requirements in effect at the time the application was made.

On approval of the application by BC PNP, the candidate will have six months from the date of confirmation of provincial nomination to apply for PR visa to Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Candidate with a provincial nomination is eligible to receive a work permit support letter so that they are able to start or continuing working in British Columbia while waiting on the decision for their permanent residency.

If the following conditions are met, BC PNP will accept the application of the candidate for PR Visa:

  • Candidate has been nominated by BC PNP
  • Candidate has submitted an application for permanent residence to IRCC within six-month after they are nominated
  • The candidate continues to meet the conditions of nomination
  • Candidate’s current work permit expires within 120 days

Based on the latest BC PNP draws, following table for British Columbia PNP calculator that shows how many minimum points are required in each category of BC PNP to land an ITA:

Category Minimum Score
Skills Immigration – Skilled Worker 135
Skills Immigration – International Graduate 105
Skills Immigration – Entry level and Semi-skilled 95
Express Entry BC – Skilled Worker 135
Express Entry BC – International Graduate 105


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