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British Columbia PNP Occupation List 2019

Find out you job in latest BC PNP Occupation List before applying for BC PNP.

British Columbia PNP Occupation List 2019

Because of the growing economy of British Columbia, they are in need of the immigrants with the required skills and work experience in the occupations that are in demand in the province. For the skilled immigrants to have permanent residency in the province of British Columbia, Express Entry BC (EEBC) – Skilled Worker category is the faster way to do so.

In this page, we will discuss the following topics:



What are the requirements to apply for BC PNP EEBC – Skilled Worker Category?

BC PNP EEBC – Skilled Worker Category allows the province of British Columbia to search for the skilled immigrants in the federal government’s express pool. Now, to qualify for this category, the candidate must:

  • Have received an Express Entry profile and a valid job seeker validation code from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada )
  • Have accepted a full-time permanent job offer from an eligible British Columbia employer. Job offered must be categorized under National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill level 0, A or B.
  • Be qualified to work in the province
  • Have a minimum of two years of directly related work experience
  • Show that they are able to support themselves and any accompanying family members financially
  • Have, or be eligible for, legal immigration status in Canada
  • Be able to meet the minimum language proficiency requirements
  • Have a wage offer that is line with British Columbia wage rates for the occupation

Other than the applicant requirements, there are also some requirements for the employer that they need to fulfill and for that employer must:

  • Be established as an employer in good standing with the province
  • Provide a full-time, indeterminate employment
  • Have a good history of good workplace and business practices
  • Sign an employer declaration
  • Meet domestic labor market recruitment requirements
  • Make the employer full time, indeterminate job offer
  • Offer employer a wage that is line with industry standards


In order to start the application process, the candidate is required to create a profile with BCPNP online. After the registration with the BC PNP, candidate’s profile will be given scores based on their credentials and the scoring criteria for the British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program (BC PNP). Candidate’s profile with the highest is then invited to apply through BC PNP online by frequently held draws.


What is British Columbia demand occupation list 2019?

Following is the British Columbia demand jobs list 2019 that shows that occupations that are in demand in the province.  To check whether your occupation is in demand in the province checks our updated British Columbia skilled occupation list:

NOC Code Occupation Name
0621 Retailer and Wholesale Trade Manager
0121 Insurance, real estate, and financial brokerage managers
0631 Restaurant and Food Service Managers
0711 Construction Managers
0601 Corporate Sales Managers
0122 Banking, Credit and Other Investment Managers
0111 Financial Managers
0013 Senior Managers – Financial, Communications & Other Business Services
0213 Computer & Information Manager
0714 Facility Operation & Maintenance Managers
0015 Senior Managers – Trade, Broadcasting & Other
0112 Human Resources Manager
0632 Accommodation Service Manager
0423 Managers in Social, Community & Correctional Services
0731 Managers in Transportation
0211 Engineering Managers
0421 Administrator post-secondary  & vocational training
1111 Financial Auditors & Accountants
2171 Information Systems analysts & consultants
2174 Computer Programmers & Interactive Media Developers
4021 College & Other Vocational Instructors
4011 University Professors & Lecturers
1114 Other Financial Officers
2173 Software Engineers & Designers
2131 Civil Engineers
2132 Mechanical Engineers
5121 Authors & Writers
4152 Social Workers
2151 Architects
4151 Psychologists


With the help of British Columbia high demand occupation list 2019, you will be able to see whether you are having the work experience in the field of work that is in demand in the province.



What are the documents required for BC PNP 2019?

Following are a set of documents that are needed while applying for BC PNP:

  • IELTS test result for English language proficiency (Minimum CLB level 4 is required)
  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) from the World Education Service (WES) or any other relevant assessing authority
  • Other documents that can be required based on the relevant BC PNP category.


What is processing time for British Columbia PNP 2019?

The processing time for the application depends on various factors. 90% of the application processing time depends on the validity of the information provided and the documents submitted in order to support them. In case the applicant provides with wrong or incomplete information that will lead to delay in the application processing. Following is the table to illustrate the processing speed under BC PNP’s various sub-categories:

Category Processing time
Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC 2 – 3 months
Entrepreneur Immigration stage 1(Registration score Notification) 6 weeks
Entrepreneur Immigration stage 2 (Application decision notification) 4 months


How to apply for British Columbia high demand occupation list 2019?

If you are a skilled worker and have the required experience and your occupation is listed above, you can apply for the British Columbia PNP under one stream. If you are applying from British Columbia, you can create an Express Entry profile. Your application will be credited with 600 additional points to increase your chances of selection under Express Entry.

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