One of the most naturally resourceful province of Canada, rich in both nature and scenic beauty, Alberta is considered as the most dynamic province also. This beautiful province is located in Western Canada and boosts of a rapidly growing economy. Considering the fact that it houses two of the largest cities of Canada, this province is also counted as one of the three Prairie Provinces.

The AINP is Alberta’s Provincial Nominee Program. Through this program, prospective immigrants with the skills and experience targeted by the province may receive an Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate, which will speed up the overall immigration process. It consist of three main streams, which are explained in detail below:

  • Strategic Recruitment Stream
  • Employer Driven Stream
  • Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Strategic Recruitment Stream

This is the first and foremost stream under which applicants can go for AINP without needing any backing or assistance from employers. It basically contains 3 categories mentioned below:

Compulsory and Optional Trades Category

Under this category applicants who are working as supervisors, tradespersons and foreman in a compulsory capacity or optional. The tradesperson applying for should have a Qualification certificate of Alberta itself or a trade certificate from recognized entity to become eligible. Another point to be noted is that it is imperative for the applicants to already be residing in Alberta with a valid and legal work permit while applying for this category.

Minimum requirements needed to become eligible for Alberta’s Immigrant Nominee Program under this category are:

Under this program, you can apply for the following:-

  • The applicant’s intention is to stay and work in Alberta on permanent basis.
  • They should have either of the following certificate:
    • Qualification Certificate of Alberta in either compulsory or optional trade field.
    • Trade certificate in Compulsory or optional trade field called Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training.
  • The applicant should be a staying in Alberta while applying for Alberta’s Provincial Nominee Program.
  • They need to provide proof for either of the following:
    • They are working under an Alberta employer in trade field
    • Minimum of 6 months of last 3 years have been spent working as a tradesperson under an Alberta’s employer.

Engineering Occupations Category

Under this category applicants who are designers, engineers or drafters working in various fields can apply. They should be working in specific designations some of which are:

  • NOC 0211 (Engineering Managers)
  • NOC 2132 (Mechanical Engineers)
  • NOC 2131 (Civil Engineers)
  • NOC 2134 (Chemical Engineers)
  • NOC 2133 (Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
  • NOC 2141 (Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers)
  • NOC 2145 (Petroleum Engineers)
  • NOC 2231 (Civil Engineering Technologists/Technicians)
  • NOC 2241 (Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technologists/Technicians)

Minimum requirement to become eligible for AINP are:

  • They should be planning to reside and work in Alberta on permanent basis.
  • The applicant should be staying Alberta while applying for this category.
  • Proof in the form of educational qualification or training certificate as drafter, designer or engineer.
  • Should either be working or have an experience of two years under Alberta’s employer.

For those engineers whose designation is not mentioned in the list can also apply for AINP with Skilled worker category.

Post-Graduate Worker Category

This category is for those applicants who have garnered their graduation certificate from a recognised post secondary educational institution of Alberta and also are staying in the state on a work permit called Post Graduation work permit.

Minimum Requirements under this category are:

  • The applicants have an intention to stay and work in Alberta permanently.
  • While applying for AINP the applicant is working under an Alberta employer on full time basis.
  • They have a valid degree, diploma or certificate from a recognised institution. The program completed by the applicant should be at least one year duration.
  • A valid and legal post graduation work permit.

Employer-Driven Stream

Under this stream it is the employers who bring forth candidates to apply for Canadian Immigration through AINP. The best part of this stream is that the applicants have the surety of the job after garnering AINP and becoming permanent resident of Canada. Furthermore the employers also benefit as they can now retain more employees in an easy manner. There are three main categories under this stream:

Skilled Worker Category

This category can be applied for the candidates who have full time job intention for specific eligible skill. The applicant does not need be residing in Canada at the time of applying for this.
Minimum requirements needed to be met by the employers for AINP

  • Employer should be registered or incorporated in Canada while having operations in Alberta.
  • Skill level NOC 0, A or B for a classified occupation can only be considered in job offer.
  • The candidate chosen should be able to meet the set standards for employment and wages in Alberta.
  • The candidate chosen by the employer should not be included in any bargaining contacts. Application will be disapproved by AINP in the scenario wherein either the employer or the candidate is involved in any labour dispute, whether directly or indirectly.
  • It is imperative for the employer to show proof as to why applicant is chosen from outside Canada and not from the country within. The efforts made to look for suitable candidate within Canada needs to be showcased.
  • Additional requirement set out under early childhood educator or childcare staff needs to be met by the candidate.

Minimum requirements for Applicants

  • Applicants must have intention to stay and work in Alberta permanently.
  • Training, work practice and knowledge along with any imperative licence related to job stream is needed to work in Alberta.
  • A valid or legal work permit needed to be brought forward in case the applicant is working in Canada or Alberta.
  • In case the applicant is living in another country the proof of that needs to be provided.
  • Additional requirement set out under early childhood educator or childcare staff needs to be met by the candidate.

Semi-Skilled Worker Category

This category can be applied for by those foreign candidates who are working on temporary basis, but have been offered full time permanent job by an Alberta employer for semi skilled occupation.

Minimum Requirements need to be met by Employers:

  • Employer should be registered or incorporated in Canada while having operations in Alberta.
  • Should be operating under any of the following industries that are eligible under this AINP category:
    • Processing of Food and Beverage,
    • Food Services,
    • Manufacturing,
    • Hotel and Lodging,
    • Long-Haul Trucking.
  • They should offer a full time permanent job is the eligible occupation.
  • The candidate chosen should be able to meet the set standards for employment and wages in Alberta.
  • Job offered should not be in dispute with collective union agreements.
  • They should garner positive response on LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) for the position accorded to the applicant.

Minimum requirements for Applicants

  • They should be working in Alberta with an active and valid work permit for occupation that is eligible under this category of Alberta’s Provincial Nominee Program.
  • Proof of education qualification of minimum high school level needs to be put forward.
  • Results of language test needs to be provided.

Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Self Employed Farmer Stream of AINP is basically apt for those applicants who have quite heavy experience in farming along with enough personal funds that will be needed to purchase as well as develop a farm in the beautiful city of Alberta. They are also required to nominate themselves for permanent residence. Only those applicants garner success in getting selected under Alberta’s Immigrants Nominee Program who is either farm operators or owners having decided to permanently stay in Alberta and purchase farm to take it further as family business.

Requirements to Become Eligible for Provincial Nominee Program:

Minimum requirements needed to be met with by the self-employed farmers to become eligible under these criteria:

  • Provide proof of their skills in Farm Management: Alberta’s Provincial Nominee Program.
    • Proper proof of education qualification, training and experience as required.
    • Documentation related to finances of the existing farm business.
    • An outline or blue print plan for the farm in Alberta.
    • Finally, documentation or something similar which will prove that a Canadian financial institution is ready to finance the forming prospect.
  • Proof of adequate financial backing for the farming venture:
    • Minimum $500,000 should be available for the investment purpose in equity for production of farming business in primary stages in Alberta.
    • At least net amount of $500,000 should be available with the applicant or he must have access to it.
    • The minimum amount of $500,000 is needed; however, access to larger amount might also be needed in order to showcase the ability to invest.
  • A proof of the intention to invest in the Primary Production Farming Business of Alberta:
    • Bring forth investment documents along with the business plan projected.
    • Applicants should know that the priority will be given to those who showcase business plan that will bring forth better growth of Agricultural food in Alberta.

The above categories lead to easy entrance in Alberta under Canada Immigration process. However, the process in itself is quite complicated riddled with various complexities and documentation submission. We, at Immigration Xperts, aim at turning this horrendously complex process to a smooth one. You can get in touch with us through our website – or directly call on our Toll Free Number 8010357357 to book an appointment with our proficient and experienced case managers who will guide through the whole process and can be contact at any time and for any issue.