Canada plans to admit one million new permanent residents between 2019 and 2021. Only a quarter of them will be admitted via Express Entry. That's right: three out of four new permanent residents are admitted through other programs, not via Express Entry. And when you also add temporary residents, less than 10% of people who earn the right to work in Canada each year are admitted through Express Entry. "It must be all family reunification and other non-economic programs, like refugees," we hear. In fact, if you remove all these programs for family reunification and refugees, Express Entry does not even make up the majority of economic immigration in Canada! And then, there are the hundreds of thousands of newcomers who continue to arrive each year with temporary status, with many opportunities to move to permanent residence later.   Annual Admissions to Canada:  
  • The items in red above are temporary status programs in Canada. Figures are based on 2018 admissions.
  • The dark gray items above are for permanent residence. Figures refer to targeted admissions for 2020
  So, why only focus on Express Entry when it's just a way to get to Canada? Discover your options among the most popular alternatives!   Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)   Canada gives more power to the provinces in the selection of new immigrants. The PNP is now more important than ever. You may be aware that some provincial appointments increase your CRS Express Entry score by 600 points, but did you know that most PNP streams are not aligned with Express Entry? These are called PNP base streams. Our PNP Live Tracker now includes a tool that allows you to find the right option for you. Annual admissions: 67,800 (2020 target)   Quebec skilled worker   Yes, French is a selection factor for immigrating to Quebec as a skilled worker. But you can still qualify, even with limited capacity in French, or none at all. Quebec recently announced that immigration levels would increase significantly over the next three years and that a greater proportion of newcomers would be skilled workers. Annual entries: 21,250 (target for 2020)   Atlantic Immigration Pilot   The possibilities are huge in Atlantic Canada! The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project has been a resounding success since its inception two years ago. So much so that the admission target has been doubled and newcomers are seeing more opportunities in the Atlantic Provinces. Annual admissions: 4,000 (2020 target)   Rural and Northern Pilot   Just last week, Canada announced which communities are now able to invite people to come to Canada with this new program. These communities are incredible destinations to consider when planning your move. A new program now helps you along the way. Annual admissions: unknown / to be determined   Global Talent Stream   It only takes 10 days to get a work permit from the Global Talent Stream, Canada's response to an economy that needs international talent. Annual entries: around 20,000 (out of nearly 40,000 admitted since June 2017)   IEC & Recognized Organizations   In addition to the list of IEC countries, citizens of the United States, India, Brazil, Ecuador, China, Iceland, Pakistan, Singapore and Uganda can also obtain Canadian work permit through the International Experience Canada (IEC) program. This could be your ticket to Canada! Annual entries: unknown   Intra-Company Transfer   If your current employer has an office, branch or subsidiary in Canada, you may be able to move quickly to Canada through this work permit category. Annual entries:> 18,000 (entries in 2018)   LMIA   The Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to Canada (sometimes called "employer sponsorship") can be tricky and take a few months, but tens of thousands of LMIAs are issued each year. It is not impossible. For an LMIA to be issued, workers must receive an offer of employment from an employer who is unable to find a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to do the work. Annual Entries:> 84,000 (Entries in 2018)   Studying in Canada   Visualize the ultimate goal: permanent residence in Canada. Now, how do you get there? For some, reintegrating the education system is the best solution. With a study permit, you can take your family with you and you can work in Canada. Then, when you finish your studies, you will be able to stay long term. You may not have considered pursuing your studies as a gateway to Canadian immigration, but now is the time to think about it seriously. Annual entries:> 356,000 (entries in 2018)   Some last word on Express Entry. . . The purpose of this newsletter is to help you discover other Canadian immigration options, but that does not mean you have to give up or ignore Express Entry. While the last threshold for CRS was 465 points, the lowest threshold for a total draw for all programs was 413 points in 2017, and it is impossible to say for sure how many points will be needed for subsequent draws. . If you any queries related to Express entry or Provincial Nominee Program than mail us on [email protected]   OR Call US: 0120-6618011, 0120-6618123, +91-9999467676