In a recent move, Australia has announced a $19.4 million investment for faster processing of regional visas. This money will be used to process the new visa applications as well as clear the old backlog. The Plan was announced last friday and will soon start showing its wonders soon.   Population is shifting from regional areas to more prosperous and dynamic metropolitan cities like Melbourne and Sydney. On the other hand, these metropolitan cities are suffering from too much concentration of population. The recent plan aims to kill these two ducks with a single bullet. By investing highly in the regional visas, the Government can ensure that the declining populations of these territories is rejuvenated.   Since most retired people like settling in regional areas, the problem of aging population in these areas is amplified. Hence, a shortage of doctors and engineers has become far too common.   "Two-thirds of new immigrants are going to our capital cities, in particular Sydney, Melbourne and in southeast Queensland," says Josh Frydenberg, Treasurer. "This is creating pressures on infrastructure, not only on our roads but also on our public transport, creating pressures on health, on education and other essential services."   The solution, he says is, "To send people where the jobs are and we need to cooperate across state and territories."”   Another recent announcement by the government puts immigrants in a pickle. According to this announcement, immigrants with regional visas will face deportation if they move out of the designated area. This will lead to multiple problems for immigrants as well as their dependents.   To know more get in touch with our Australia immigration consultants. Call Now–09999467676, 0120-6618123, 0120-6618011 Email on: