People now and then decide to move out of the country, whether it's for a job, education, or other reasons. However, it is not an easy task; with so much planning and paperwork, things can get tedious for anyone. One such task is applying for a visa or PR (permanent residence) application.

If you are planning to move to Canada, the immigration process will take a lot of your time and energy. The immigration process should be done with utmost preciseness as any mistake can get your application canceled or, worse, getting banned for five years as a penalty. So, to help you with the immigration process, one should consult an RCIC agent. Now the question is, who is the RCIC agent? Let’s have a look at that in the next section.

Who Is An RCIC agent?

RCIC stands for Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, and an RCIC agent is someone who is officially authorized to help people through their PR (permanent residence) application for Canada.

Going through the whole process of Canadian immigration, there are certain things even a well-researched person can miss out on and, therefore, can result in blunders in the application process. So it is advised to get help from an expert, i.e., a regulated Canadian immigration consultant.

RCIC agents are immigration experts that will take care of your entire immigration process and save you from any unforeseen problems. However, it should be understood that these RCIC agents are not immigration lawyers but approved agents who know the Canada visa system through and through.

You can find many RCIC agents to get done with your immigration process. One such expert is Apical Immigration Experts, one of the best RCIC consultants in Noida. Get in touch with them now to file your PR through a regulated agent and leave out any chance of mishap.

Why Hire An RCIC consultant?

Now that you know precisely who an RCIC agent is, why do you need an agent when you could have done things independently and saved the consultant fee too? Below are a few reasons why it is beneficial to hire a regulated Canadian immigration consultant.

• Thorough knowledge of Canada’s Visa System

An immigration expert agent keeps a check on every minute update on any policy and other licensing requirements that are listed in the visa system of Canada.

It is through their deep knowledge about the visa and immigration process that an expert can help you in getting a suitable required visa.

• Verified and certified experts

The RCIC agents are certified and verified experts who have done a detailed study about the whole procedure and are now qualified as an agent by the authorities of Canada.

All the RCIC agents, whether working within Canada or abroad doing their consultancy business, are registered under the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. Hence, rest assured that these are professionals and know their way into this field.

These agents are constantly updated about Canada's visa system as it benefits their growth in this profession and helps them renew their licenses annually.

• Personalized Immigration Strategy For Each Client

Knowing the Canadian visa and immigration system is the expertise of these regulated Canadian immigration consultants. Hence, they can personalize the immigration and visa process according to your needs and requirements.

An RCIC agent will look into your situation closely and will come up with plans that will be beneficial for an applicant. An agent will know your goals and timeline and work accordingly, resulting in the best outcomes for you.

Through the research, an agent can tell you which type of visa would suit a person and how to apply for it. Get guidance from the best, Apical immigration experts that are not only one of the best RCIC consultants but also the best visa consultant in Noida.

• A cooperative Hand Throughout The Process

RCIC agents work in the best interest of a client under the strict code of conduct, making sure all the needs are fulfilled through a suitable process. RCICs are knowledgeable professionals who know what is best for their clients.

If you are doing the immigration process on your own, then getting in touch with the officials (such as any particular department or embassy) is a big task that can take days or even weeks to clarify any query; however, with an RCIC agent, all gets done smoothly.

These are professionals who have been in this field for a long time and can quickly get access to the authorities if required while saving your time.

We at Immigration Experts make sure that your application has been filled with the required information and documentation to process everything without any hassle.

• Offering different options

Many times people are not even aware if they are eligible for applying for a visa or PR (permanent residence), and thus all their time and efforts go in vain. However, with an RCIC agent by your side, you can avoid such blunders.

RCIC agents know every policy, rule, and restriction within the Canadian visa and immigration system and thus help you with the same. They provide the clients with honest feedback and advice on each step for a smooth immigration process.

Sometimes people can come across problems that seem to be a dead end for their immigration dream, but you will be surprised that most of the time, these regulated Canadian immigration consultants can help and find a way out for you.

• Keeping The Paperwork

The immigration process requires a lot of paperwork and keeping track which can be a daunting task for anyone; therefore, it is helpful to consult an RCIC agent and make the process easier for you.

An RCIC agent will keep track of all the paperwork while compiling and submitting them on time.

Now that you know why to go for an RCIC agent, don't wait any further and consult with an agent now with Apical Immigration Experts, the best RCIC consultant in Noida.

How To Verify If My Immigration Consultant Is RCIC Authorized?

Getting your immigration process through the help of a third party can come out as risky at first, but you can always check whether the RCIC you are consulting with is authorized or not.

This can be done by going to the official site of the College of Immigration and Citizen Consultants and going through their online public register section, where there is a list of all the authorized RCICs as well the RISIAs (Regulated International Student Immigration).

There you can verify if an RCIC agent is authorized or not. Note that only the RCICs and RISIAs that have the active status on their name are authorized to help with the immigration services. If you fail to find the name of your concerned RCIC agent in the list, then you can check it on the website of the Government of Canada to verify.

Now there is a certain status that you can see under the name of an RCIC agent. These are:

Those who can provide immigration services have a tag of:

• Active: This means having an active license authorized by the college to provide immigration services.

• Active (Practice Restricted): Those with a license but the Discipline Committee of the college has restricted their training due to some disciplinary actions.

Licensees having the below status are not allowed to practice:

• Disciplinary Suspension: my license has been revoked due to some disciplinary actions by the Discipline Committee.

• Disciplinary Revocation: license has been suspended due to some disciplinary actions by the Discipline Committee.

• Leave of Absence: licensee is on leave for a certain period and will not continue providing the services.

• Deceased: it means the licensee is dead.

• Administrative Suspension: license got revoked due to administrative obligations such as fee dues, CPD hours not completed, or other reasons.

• Administrative Revocation: license got revoked as the licensee failed to abide by the administrative obligations within 90 days of the administrative suspension.

• Resigned: Licensee who is no longer in practice and has resigned.

• Resigned (called to the bar): licensee who left even after having an active license to get a permit from the Canadian Provincial Law Society (i.e., a lawyer).

• Resigned (under investigation): licensee who left during the disciplinary investigation.

After knowing the above license status, it is easier for you to decide whether to hire a specific RCIC agent or not.

What If My Canadian Immigration Consultant Is Not Authorized?

If your Canadian Immigration expert is not authorized, then Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will not accept your immigration application from an unauthorized RCIC agent.

So it is advised to ensure that your immigration consultant is authorized and duly licensed. The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) has been granted the position of the official body to look after the immigration and citizenship applications of Canada from 23rs November 2021 onwards.

However, frauds always keep an eye like a hawk on the applicants, and you should be smart enough to bypass them. Here are some tips to avoid fraud:

• Look out for the active status of the RCIC license.

• Don’t get fooled by someone guaranteeing you to provide a visa.

• Take your own time for research.

• Avoid paying in cash

• Don’t forget to have a written agreement signed.

• Never sign a blank paper

• Get a copy of all the documents that you have signed

• Look out for too good to be accurate schemes

• Don’t forget to sign form IMM5476

• Ask for receipts and invoices for each payment made.

• How Do You Select An Immigration Consultant For Canada PR?

Selecting an immigration consultant is an essential task as your immigration process depends on it, which can make or break your moving out of a dream. Firstly, do the research beforehand and subsequently decide your budget.

There are numerous consultants in this field, and choosing the next one for your needs will help you save time and money.

One can even go for free consultants that various agencies provide and then decide on one to choose. Always get an agreement signed with your RCIC agent mentioning all the services you expect in the immigration process.

Here are a few ways that can help you in selecting an immigration expert:

• Free consultancy

• Experience matters

• Words of mouth (recommendations)

• Research

• Transparency between you and the agent

• No information withholding

• Written contract

• No signing of blank papers

What Services Can A Canadian Immigration Consultant Provide?

A Canadian Immigration consultant can provide you with a wide range of services depending on your requirements, both before and after getting a permit. Below is the list of a few things that you can expect from your immigration expert:

• Representing a client before IRCC

• Post landing services

• Evaluating a client's eligibility to get a PR or visa

• Personalizing the PR process for the client

• Keeping up with the updates and deadlines

• Doing the paperwork for the client

 Why Choose Apical Immigration Experts Pvt Ltd?

Why waste your time searching for the best immigration experts, which can cost you valuable time and effort. To ease it up for you, here’s the best RCIC consultant in Noida, Apical Immigration Experts.

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With a 100% success rate, a client doesn’t have to worry much and gets along with the immigration process smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

• Why Does The Canadian Government Regulate Consultants?

Ans: To avoid any fraud from happening, the Canadian Government regulates the consultants. That is why IRCC has been made the regulating body for keeping a check on all immigration and PR applications.

The authority has been granted more powers to look out for any mishap or fraud under the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants Act.

• How Many Types Of Canadian Immigration Consultants Are There? Ans: There are mainly two types of Canadian Immigration consultants:

RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) RISIAs (Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors)

• How Many RCICs Are There In Canada?

Ans: There are approximately 3,600 RCICs in Canada and abroad.

Moving out is a cumbersome process, and everyone wants to get it done smoothly; however, things might not go as planned for us, but we can always take steps to ensure that it goes smoothly.

Hence, one of these steps is to hire an RCIC agent and get your visa and immigration application done without any mistakes. Get the benefits from the best consultants in the town, Apical Immigration Experts.

At Immigration Experts, we guide your clients with the best possibilities of moving to Canada ( with regards to their professional background.

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