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Australia, the island country, offers some of the most alluring sites to its visitors. The pulverized white sand of the beaches and the placid sea will leave you appalled. This country of Michael Phelps offers some great sporting events especially for rugby fans. It is also a great place to enjoy a barbeque and have some succulent pork or beef. Australia hardly witnesses any cataclysm and this will make it a very safe and secure visit for your family. The people are amiable and their hospitality is unmatched. All of the above reasons make Australia one of the best places to visit. There is only one hindrance to you enjoying all of this and that is obtaining a visitor visa.

A visitor visa (subclass 600) is meant for non-immigrants who want to visit Australia for tourism, leisure, business or medical treatment. This visa is only meant for those who want to visit Australia temporarily. This visa enables you to stay for three, six or twelve months. The base charge for the visa can vary from AUD 135 to AUD 340. Visitor visa to Australia is very easy to get access to as you can apply by filling up a form online. You do require a passport to be able to apply for a visitor visa to Australia. An invalid passport will only result in your application being revoked. Also, if you hold the passport from a country that is on good terms with Australia then you may be able to avail some extra perks like free or cheap visa application. If you have a passport that disqualifies you from applying online then you can also fill out a paper application.

The documents that you need to attach online must adhere to the type and size mentioned in the form. It would behoove you to upload all the necessary documents before uploading the additional ones while applying for a visitor visa to Australia. It is impossible to remove an attachment after submitting the application. Make sure that you have uploaded the right documents before submitting the application. You have to attach all the necessary documents before the payment. An applicant may attach a maximum of 60 documents. Also, check the supported types of files and the size limit of each file or your efforts might come to no avail. There are many online tools available to resize and reset the resolution of scanned documents. Do not send any compressed files as these will be rejected.

You can even track and manage your visa application online. All you need is the information that you provided in the application and the reference number. You will also be assigned a transaction reference number. You will be required to make an ‘immi’ account for applying online for a visitor visa to Australia. The application for this visa is processed at lightning fast speed. All your documents and application will be processed within 48 hours. If your application has been redirected to Australian Immigration Office then it might cost you some additional time for getting a confirmation on the visa.

If you already have a visa and are in or outside Australia you can easily file an application to extend the expiry date of your visa. Still, if you have a ‘No Further Stay’, also known as condition 8503, imposed on your visa then you will not be able to extend your visit. This condition also disqualifies you from filing for a visa in the first place. You will also need to adhere to the rules and regulation for getting a visa extension. If you are in constraints of Australia then you won’t need an eligible passport to apply online for an extension. You can also fill out a paper application for visa extension.

If you find it cumbersome to apply for a visa yourself then you can easily get a travel agent or airline service to do this for you. For getting a visitor visa to Australia you can even reach out to us. At Immigration Xperts we have experts ready to assist you with all your needs and requirements to get the visa. Our amiable staff is adept at filing for visa and cutting down the cost of the whole process. We will guide you through the whole process of filling out the form, attaining the necessary documents and receiving the visa. Our experts are well versed in filing electronic application as well. We will make the whole process of obtaining the visa as easy as pie for you. For more information visit our website. You can even drop in a mail and one of our agents will contact you.

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