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24 June 2013
The Department of Training and Workforce Development is conducting a review of the Western Australian skilled migration occupation list.

The following occupations are under review and will be ‘not available’ for State sponsorship from 1 July 2013.

312112 Building associate
139911 Arts administrator or manager
511111 Contract administrator
323316 Watch and clock maker and repairer
323412 Toolmaker
234412 Geophysicist
331112 Stonemason
312911 Maintenance planner
323299 Metal fitters and machinists not elsewhere classified
234313 Environmental research scientist
233411 Electronics engineer
233112 Materials engineer
399111 Boat builder and repairer
399211 Chemical plant operator
223311 Training and development professional
139913 Laboratory manager
232112 Landscape architect
231215 Ship’s surveyor
234914 Physicist
311411 Chemistry technician
142114 Hair or beauty salon manager
312512 Mechanical engineering technician
234399 Environmental scientists not elsewhere classified
321213 Motorcycle mechanic
321214 Small engine mechanic
323313 Locksmith
323411 Engineering patternmaker
324212 Vehicle trimmer
333311 Roof tiler
342212 Technical cable jointer
392111 Print finisher
392312 Small offset printer
393212 Clothing patternmaker
399112 Shipwright
399512 Camera operator (film, television or video)
399916 Plastics technician
452413 Jockey
323112 Aircraft maintenance engineer (mechanical)

Applications lodged before 1 July 2013 will not be affected.

It is anticipated the review will be completed on 1 October 2013 and the outcome will be published on the website.

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