Australia is counted to be one of the Best Immigration Countries
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As per new global study Australia has been ranked in top four positions as one of the most favored countries by immigration applicants all over the world. The main attractions amongst the prospective applicants is the country’s stable economy, progressive work culture and job market as well as the high quality of income.

Sweden tops the comparison chart of top immigration favorite countries due to its strong and warm social culture, with Canada, Switzerland and Australia taking the 2nd, 3rd and 4th position respectively. The 5th position was taken up by Germany, while US, the Super Power Country, fell short of being counted in top five due to its economic propensity.

The Best Countries Survey conducted globally included about 21,000 people across the globe with about 80 countries option for the participants to choose from. Some specific criteria were set on which the countries were ranked, of which top four were

Another criterion was the data stored in and available with World Bank and the UN (United Nations) regarding the migration population was also used to figure out the final rankings.


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