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  • Quebec will cancel 16,000 immigration applications as controversial Bill 9 is adopted overnight|
    During a marathon session until Sunday morning, the National Assembly of Quebec passed the controversial Bill 9, which will result in the cancellation of approximately 16,000 pending immigration applications for the program. Skilled Workers of Quebec (QSW). The legislation also lays the groundwork for the introduction of a “values test” that will be required for applications for permanent residence in the future.   The Canadian province of Quebec, home to the city of Montreal, has entered into a single immigration agreement with the federal government under which Quebec chooses its own economic immigrants.   Quebec Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette introduced Bill 9 in February 2019. Thanks to this new legislation, Quebec will be able to move quickly to its new system of selection and application of legislation. immigration, Arrima, that Jolin-Barrette claims to reduce treatment time from three years to just six months and will allow Quebec to be more selective among skilled immigrant workers.   Arrima is an electronic application management system used to manage applications of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Similar to the federal Express Entry system, Arrima uses a points system to award points to candidates for various criteria designed to assess their ability to integrate into Quebec’s workforce.   Although Jolin-Barrette praises this new immigration system of “immigration moderator”, it should be noted that this system was not implemented by his government, Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), but in reality by the former Liberal government in August 2018.   Law 9 was strongly criticized for its provision to remove a backlog of QSW applications submitted before the new Arrima system. When Bill 9 was introduced in February, there were about 18,000 applications pending, but about 2,000 were processed in previous months, leaving about 16,000 pending applications to be thrown away. This plan to eliminate as many requests has been sharply criticized by members of opposition parties as well as by a group of Quebec immigration lawyers who have already brought the province to court for Bill 9 .   As legislation has only been passed in recent hours, it is unclear exactly how the law will come into effect and when QSW pending applications will be officially canceled. This story is in development and new details will be released as soon as they become available.   In particular, this law will not affect the popular Quebec program of experience (PEQ) for French-speaking immigrants who have already worked or studied in Quebec.   If you have any questions, please contact our experts on   Call us on:   0120-6618011 0120-6618123 +91-9999467676 Read more »
  • Drop in CRS score in the latest Express draw invited 3,350 Express entry candidates|
    Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held an express draw on June 12th. A total of 3,350 applicants who applied for permanent resident status in Canada through the federal government’s Express Enrollment Program were invited.   The Express Entry Program manages the profile of applicants who have registered in Canada’s three major economic immigration programs: the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSTP) and Canadian Experience (CEC). Each profile of the candidates is given a score corresponding to the score of the Comprehensive ranking system (CRS), according to which the rank of the express profiles is determined in the express pool.   The highest ranked profile in express pool is invited to apply for Canadian permanent residency via regular express draws. ITA allows the applicant to submit an application for a Canadian PR visa to IRCC. The goal of the Government of Canada is to process Canadian entry visa applications for Express Entry applicants within six months or less.   In the last draw, the minimum score required by the CRS was set at 465 points, which corresponds to a decrease of 5 points from the previous limit of the CRS score. The time interval between the two consecutive draws plays an important role in determining the CRS result threshold. The former 470 point threshold previously set by the CRS was higher due to the four-week gap between the two express draws for all programs. But only two weeks passed between the previous draw of May 29 and the last draw of June 12. This shorter period gives less time to replenish the express pool with skilled immigrants, reducing the CRS score cut-off.   With this latest draw, IRCC issued a total of 38,450 ITAs this year to the express entry candidates. This number of ITAs is 6,250 more than the number issued at the same time in 2018. This increase is consistent with Canada’s higher admission target for 2019 and 2020 for the three programs managed by the express entry program.   IRCC used its tie-break rule with timestamp – June 6, 2019, at 13:51:59 UTC. This means that candidates who entered the express pool before the hour and time used as a timestamp and who obtained a minimum of 465 points and over received an ITA.   In order to increase the CRS score, obtaining a provincial application can greatly improve the candidate’s CRS score. An express entry candidate who is able to obtain a provincial nomination certificate is awarded 600 CRS points, thus guaranteeing that an ITA will be issued to the candidate to allow him to apply for a Canada PR visa to IRCC.   Reference is taken from CIC news Read more »
  • The new visa application easier from the state of Victoria|
    The State of Victoria today sent an email to its subscribers with the following message, quite explicit:   On the afternoon of Monday, July 15, 2019, the Victoria Skilled Trades and Business Migration Program will launch a new online application system for visa nominations.   The new system will allow you to:   Track the progress of your application / s Access your account from multiple devices – from mobile to office Manage client applications more easily   What do you want to know:   No visa application can be submitted on the Live in Melbourne website between Wednesday, July 10, 2019 (16:00) and Monday, July 15, 2019 at 16:00. You will not be able to log in at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 If you have an existing account. If you have a draft application filed in the system, you must submit it no later than Wednesday, July 10 at 4 pm or relaunch your application in the new system on Monday, July 15, 2019 On Monday, July 15, 2019, you will receive a link to the new login portal, where you will have to re-register your information.   If you have any questions, please contact the Skilled and Business Migration Program team on   Call us on:   0120-6618011 0120-6618123 +91-9999467676 Read more »
  • Joint press release with MP Dan Tehan, Member of Parliament for Wannon – New Approach address labor shortages|
    A New Program to Address Labor Shortages in the Coastal Region of Canada Victoria’s Great South Coast was officially launched in Warrnambool.   The South Coast Large Area Designated Migration Agreement (DAMA) provides employers in the region with the opportunity to recruit foreign workers for positions that Australian residents can not afford.   The DAMA is an Australian government initiative with the Great South Coast DAMA, a first for Victoria and the first to be piloted by the local government.   Dan Tehan, MP for Wannon, said, “The DAMA is designed to support local businesses by helping them fulfill key roles.   “In recent years, many employers have told us that they have trouble recruiting people in particular sectors. The community should also be reassured that every effort will be made to fill vacancies locally before using DAMA.   “This is a targeted program, and it is important to understand that the workers appointed through the RFSA do not replace local workers, they fill gaps in the labor market that are holding back some businesses.   ” DAMA will mean that businesses on the Great South Coast can remain productive and competitive. The Minister of Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, David Coleman, said the federal government is committed to meeting the skill needs of regional Australia.   “The Morrison government is working to support the growth of the regions and to ensure that our migration program meets the needs of the labor market, particularly in regional Australia,” said Coleman.   “Our first priority is always to fill positions with Australians, but the immigration system can play an important role in reducing regional skills shortages.   “We have recently implemented RFSAs in several regions, including Kalgoorlie in Washington State, Orana in NSW and Far North Queensland, to ensure sustained regional economies where Australian workers are not available. The region covered by the RFSA includes the municipalities of Glenelg, Moyne, Southern Grampians, Warrnambool, Corangamite and Colac Otway.   A total of 27 professions were identified as eligible to be considered under the program and belong to various sectors. The RFSA offers concessions that are not normally available to visa workers and provides a potential route to permanent residency for employees.   “Up to 100 employees can be appointed in the first year of the agreement,” said Peter Schneider, General Manager of Warrnambool City Council.   “There is a range of checks and balances in place to make sure the program delivers the right results. “When an employer applies for a job, we look at their ability to retain other employees, their work history, whether the job description fits the company, and whether the roles were advertised unsuccessfully in Australia. Read more »
  • EA announces New Fees for Migration Skills Assessment from 1st September 2019!|
    Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) assessment fees:   MSA FEES 2019 ‐ 2020 (Valid from 1st September 2019) Excl. GST ($AU) Incl. GST ($AU) Standard Competency Demonstration Report $795.00 $874.50 Competency Demonstration Report +Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (+$360 Excl. GST) $1,155.00 $1,270.50 Competency Demonstration Report +Overseas PhD Assessment (+$225 Excl. GST) $1,020.00  $1,122.00 Competency Demonstration Report +Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (+$360 Excl. GST) +Overseas PhD Assessment (+$225 Excl. GST) $1,380.00 $1,518.00 Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment $265.00 $291.50 Australian Engineering Qualification +Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (+$360 Excl. GST) $625.00 $687.50 Australian Engineering Qualification +Overseas PhD Assessment (+$225 Excl. GST) $490.00 $539.00 Australian Engineering Qualification +Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (+$360 Excl. GST) +Overseas PhD Assessment (+$225 Excl. GST) $850.00 $935.00 Washington / Sydney / Dublin Accord Qualification Assessment $428.00  $470.80 Washington / Sydney / Dublin Accord Qualification Assessment +Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (+$360 Excl. GST) $788.00  $866.80 Washington / Sydney / Dublin Accord Qualification Assessment +Overseas PhD Assessment (+$225 Excl. GST) $653.00  $718.30 Washington / Sydney / Dublin Accord Qualification Assessment +Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (+$360 Excl. GST) +Overseas PhD Assessment (+$225 Excl. GST) $1,013.00 $1,114.30 Separate Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment $410.00 $451.00 Separate Overseas PhD Assessment $275.00 $302.50 Separate Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment +Overseas PhD Assessment $635.00 $698.50 Informal Review $285.00 $313.50 Formal Appeal $540.00 $594.00 Standard Administration Fee $110.00 $121.00 Fast Track Fee $305.00 $335.50   If you have any questions, please contact our experts on   Call us on:   0120-6618011 0120-6618123 +91-9999467676 Read more »
    The next invitation round will be held on or before 5 July 2019.       Date of invitation: 11 June 2019        Number of invitations issued: 652   Score range of the matrix:   All matrices submitted with 145 to 65 points 60-point matrix submitted by March 31, 2019     Date of invitation: May 31, 2019        Number of invitations issued: 442   Score range of the matrix:   All matrices submitted with 110 to 65 points 60-point matrix submitted no later than January 31, 2019     Date of invitation: May 24, 2019         Number of invitations issued: 323   Score range of the matrix:   All matrices submitted with 135 to 70 points 65-point matrix submitted by April 30, 2019     All PREVIOUS ROUNDS OF INVITATIONS:      Date of invitation: May 8, 2019       Number of invitations issued: 225   Score range of the matrix:   All matrices submitted with 135 to 70 points; Matrix submitted in 65 points no later than March 31, 2019       Date of invitation: 15 April 2019       Number of invitations issued: 75   Score range of the matrix:   All matrices submitted with 145 to 75 points     Date of invitation: March 28, 2019       Number of invitations issued: 203   Score range of the matrix:   All matrices submitted with 130 to 65 points; 60-point matrix submitted on or before January 8, 2019      Date of invitation: March 12, 2019       Number of invitations issued: 363   Score range of the matrix: between 110 and 60 points submitted until December 31, 18      Date of invitation: 21 February 2019       Number of invitations issued: 430   Score range of the matrix: between 130 and 60 points submitted until 29 November 18      Date of invitation: 31 January 2019       Number of invitations issued: 186   Score range of the matrix: between 130 and 65 points submitted until December 31, 18        Date of invitation: January 15, 2019       Number of invitations issued: 212   Score range of the matrix: between 110 and 65 points submitted until December 16, 18        Date of invitation: January 3, 2019       Number of invitations issued: 205   Range of scores of the matrix: 115 to 70     Date of invitation: December 20th, 2018       Number of invitations sent: 93   Range of matrix scores: 130 to 85   If you have any questions, please contact our experts on   Call us on:   0120-6618011 0120-6618123 +91-9999467676 Read more »
  • South Australia has released additional instructions for the State nomination Application for ICT Applications|
    Additional instructions   Instructions for nominations submitted by states for ICT occupations with an assessment of the skills of the Australian Computer Society (ACS).   ICT Professions – Offshore Applicants   In 2018/19, Immigration SA again requests foreign applicants for ICT occupations on the list of occupations offered by the State to meet a higher point requirement of the Department of Home Affair points test. This will apply to any profession involving a skills assessment of the Australian Computer Society (ACS).   Please refer to the list of state-designated occupations for details on the minimum number of points required for your occupation in the ICT sector. The minimum number of points required will initially be set at 70 points (including the 10 States nomination points for provisional visa subclass 489), and may be reduced to 65 points depending on the number of applications received.   If a profession has reached its planning level, it will be listed as “special conditions” and candidates will be eligible only if they fall under one of the categories of special conditions (to access special conditions and trades of the list of additional skills).   ICT Professions – Working in South Australia / Graduate categories in South Australia   Higher points are not required if you are applying in the following categories:   currently working in your designated or closely related profession in South Australia; or if you are applying to the international graduate of South Australia.   In these cases, a minimum of only 65 points is required (including state nomination points).   ICT Professions – Professional Experience Points   Your assessment of the ACS competencies will indicate the recognition date of your professional experience – see the example below:   The following job, after June 2012, is considered to have a sufficient level of qualification and corresponding to 261111 (ICT Business Analyst) of the ANZSCO code.   Make sure you check this date before claiming professional experience points in your SkillSelect event of interest. If you claim work experience points prior to this date on your competency assessment, your application for a state application will be rejected due to incorrectly claimed points.   If you have any questions, please contact our experts on   Call us on:   0120-6618011 0120-6618123 +91-9999467676   Read more »
  • Increase in the Fees for the Overseas Qualifications Assessment Appeal|
    Some programs require payment through the PAYMENT buttons below, and some programs require you to make the payment as part of the online application process (started via the “APPLY NOW” buttons).   AACA only accepts online payments by credit card, VISA or Mastercard.   For programs requiring payment via the PAYMENT button before submitting the application to AACA by email, applicants must send their completed bid with proof of payment within 14 days of payment.   AACA endeavors to provide an acknowledgment of receipt by email and receipt of all requests within three business days.     Application form Fee (AUD) Overseas Qualifications Assessment – Stage 1 Provisional Skills Assessment of overseas qualifications in architecture $1,050 Overseas Qualifications Assessment – Stage 2 Final  Skills Assessment of overseas qualifications in architecture The proficiency level indicated for each of the required performance criteria, as indicated in the AACA Performance Criteria Checklist, has been updated. Be sure to submit the updated checklist (dated November 9, 2018) and prepare your portfolio based on revised proficiency requirements. All applications received on or after December 1, 2018 must meet the revised competency requirements. $1,200 Overseas Qualifications Assessment – Combined Stage 1 & Stage 2 Accelerated Combined Evaluation (Steps 1 and 2) of Architectural Qualifications Abroad for Applicants Residing in Australia The proficiency level indicated for each of the required performance criteria, as indicated in the AACA Performance Criteria Checklist, has been updated. Be sure to submit the updated checklist (dated November 9, 2018) and prepare your portfolio based on revised proficiency requirements. All applications received on or after December 1, 2018 must meet the revised competency requirements. $1,750 Verification of Australian Accredited Architecture Qualification Verification of Australian accredited architecture qualifications for the purpose of migration $250 Overseas Qualifications Assessment Appeal Appeal against the outcome of an assessment of overseas qualifications in architecture $900 Experienced Practitioner Assessment – Overseas Practitioners Accelerated Registration Procedure for Experienced Practitioners with Architectural Degrees Completed Abroad $2,500 Experienced Practitioner Assessment – Overseas Practitioners – Modified fee For applicants who have completed a previous AACA qualifications assessment. $1,100 Experienced Practitioner Assessment – Local Practitioners Accelerated Registration Procedure for Experienced Practitioners with an Accredited Australian Qualification. $1100 US/Australia/New Zealand Mutual Recognition Arrangement Australian architects wishing to obtain a license in one of the US jurisdictions signatory to the agreement. $150 US/Australia/New Zealand Mutual Recognition Arrangement American architects wishing to obtain a license for a state or territory in Australia. $150 Australian APEC Architect Registered Australian Architects wishing to be on the APEC Register of Australian Architects $140 Australian APEC Architect Register Annual Renewal – 1 year $110 Australian APEC Architect Register Annual Renewal – 2 years $200 Application APEC Architects from Canada, Japan and Singapore Overseas APEC Architects wishing to be registered in Australia under the APEC Architect Agreement $800 National Program of Assessment – Stage 1 A design assessment to test the ability of experienced practitioners in the sector to take the architectural practice exam. $1,100 Reissue of Assessment Outcome Certificate – Overseas applicants To request a reissued certificate please submit the proof of payment and completed form to $50 Reissue of Assessment Outcome Certificate – Local applicants To request a reissued certificate please submit the proof of payment and completed form to $25   If you have any questions, please contact our experts on   Call us on:   0120-6618011 0120-6618123 +91-9999467676 Read more »
  • Fees for some applications from July 1st, 2019!|
    New fees apply to CPA Australia’s migration competency assessment program. The new fees applicable as of July 1, 2019 are indicated below (in AUD):   Note: Starting Monday, July 1st, the current fees listed above will be replaced by the following new charges.   Residing in Australia (AUD) Residing in all other locations (AUD) Skills assessment $540 $490 Update $170 $155 New ANZSCO code $190 $173 Appeal assessment outcome $170 $155 Withdrawal assessment $80 $73   Previous Fees Structure:   Residing in Australia (AUD) Residing in all other locations (AUD) Skills assessment $520 $490 Update $160 $155 New ANZSCO code $160 $173 Appeal assessment outcome $160 $155 Withdrawal assessment $80 $73   If you have any questions, please contact our experts on   Call us on:   0120-6618011 0120-6618123 +91-9999467676   Read more »
  • Province of Ontario targeted express entry candidate in the latest May 31 draw for Canada PR visa|
    Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) invited 1,072 express entry candidates with the required work experience in 11 targeted occupations with the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score between 439 and 469 and other major criteria.   These more than 1,000 invitations were issued in the draw held on May 31st, via the OINP’s Human Capital Priorities Stream.  Canada’s capital city – Ottawa and Toronto are the two major cities of Ontario province that are popular destinations for the immigrants looking to settle as permanent residents.   With a special agreement with the Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC), province of Ontario is able to provide an immigration pathway to the skilled immigrants for permanent residency status in the province. This immigration pathway is called Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).   OINP’s Human Capital Priorities stream allows the province to search for the skilled immigrants in the federal government’s express entry program – express pool. These immigrants are able to meet the requirements of the labor market and clear the provincial eligibility criteria. This allows the province to issue them an invitation to apply for provincial nomination and apply for Canada PR visa.   If an express entry candidate is given a provincial nomination they are awarded 600 CRS points. This gives the boost to the candidate’s CRS score that is required to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to submit their application for Canada PR visa to the IRCC.   The very first step for a candidate to be considered for OINP’s Human Capital Priorities Stream or any other express entry linked stream is to enter the express pool.   The draw held on May 31st is the second time in this year for the OINP’s Human Capital Priorities Stream, and the 1,072 invitations in this draw bring the total invitations issued in this year comes to 2,565 Notification of Interest (NOI) under Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream.   The latest draw targeted the express entry candidates who have work experience in the following 11 occupations: NOC 0114: Other administrative services managers NOC 0601: Corporate Sales Managers NOC 1122: Professional occupations in business management consulting NOC 0124: Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers NOC 0621: Retail and wholesale trade managers NOC 1111: Financial auditors and accountants NOC 3012: Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses NOC 0111: Financial managers NOC 1114: Other financial officers NOC 0651: Managers in customer and personal services, n.e.c   On occasion, OINP conducts targeted draws through the Human Capital Priorities Stream for candidates with credentials that are not among its usual eligibility requirements.   This draw marks the first time OINP has targeted the above-mentioned occupations. Previously it targeted only the IT occupations. Targeting various occupations provides the OINP with the flexibility to adapt its Human Capital Priorities Stream according to its labor market and economic development priorities. It also becomes more responsive to the needs of the province’s employers.   Reference is taken from CIC news Read more »
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South Australia Occupation List

South Australia Occupation List Immigration Consultant Services In Noida & Delhi/NCR

South Australia (Adelaide)

List SA State Nominated Occupation Lists
Last Update 28 July 2018
CodeNameStatus / List
111212Defence Force Senior OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
121111Aquaculture FarmerSupplementary Skilled List
121211Cotton GrowerSupplementary Skilled List
121212Flower GrowerSupplementary Skilled List
121213Fruit or Nut GrowerSupplementary Skilled List
121214Grain, Oilseed or Pasture GrowerSupplementary Skilled List
121216Mixed Crop FarmerSupplementary Skilled List
121217Sugar Cane GrowerSupplementary Skilled List
121218Turf GrowerSupplementary Skilled List
121221Vegetable GrowerSupplementary Skilled List
121299Crop Farmers necSupplementary Skilled List
121311ApiaristSupplementary Skilled List
121313Dairy Cattle FarmerSupplementary Skilled List
121314Deer FarmerSupplementary Skilled List
121315Goat FarmerSupplementary Skilled List
121316Horse BreederSupplementary Skilled List
121318Pig FarmerSupplementary Skilled List
121399Livestock Farmers necSupplementary Skilled List
131113Advertising ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
131114Public Relations ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
132511Research and Development ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
133511Production Manager (Forestry)Supplementary Skilled List
133513Production Manager (Mining)Supplementary Skilled List
133612Procurement ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
134213Primary Health Organisation ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
134311School PrincipalSupplementary Skilled List
134411Faculty HeadSupplementary Skilled List
134412Regional Education ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
134499Education Managers necSupplementary Skilled List
139111Commissioned Defence Force OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
139112Commissioned Fire OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
139113Commissioned Police OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
139211Senior Non-commissioned Defence Force MemberSupplementary Skilled List
139915Sports AdministratorSupplementary Skilled List
141211Caravan Park and Camping Ground ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
141311Hotel or Motel ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
141411Licensed Club ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
141911Bed and Breakfast OperatorSupplementary Skilled List
141912Retirement Village ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
141999Accommodation and Hospitality Managers necSupplementary Skilled List
142112Antique DealerSupplementary Skilled List
142113Betting Agency ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
142114Hair or Beauty Salon ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
142115Post Office ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
142116Travel Agency ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
149111Amusement Centre ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
149112Fitness Centre ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
149113Sports Centre ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
149311Conference and Event OrganiserSupplementary Skilled List
149412Railway Station ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
149911Boarding Kennel or Cattery OperatorSupplementary Skilled List
149912Cinema or Theatre ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
211111ActorSupplementary Skilled List
211112Dancer or ChoreographerSupplementary Skilled List
211113Entertainer or Variety ArtistSupplementary Skilled List
211199Actors, Dancers and Other Entertainers necSupplementary Skilled List
211211ComposerSupplementary Skilled List
211212Music DirectorSupplementary Skilled List
211213Musician (Instrumental)Supplementary Skilled List
211214SingerSupplementary Skilled List
211299Music Professionals necSupplementary Skilled List
211311PhotographerSupplementary Skilled List
211411Painter (Visual Arts)Supplementary Skilled List
211412Potter or Ceramic ArtistSupplementary Skilled List
211413SculptorSupplementary Skilled List
211499Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals necSupplementary Skilled List
212111Artistic DirectorSupplementary Skilled List
212112Media Producer (excluding Video)Supplementary Skilled List
212113Radio PresenterSupplementary Skilled List
212114Television PresenterSupplementary Skilled List
212211AuthorSupplementary Skilled List
212212Book or Script EditorSupplementary Skilled List
212311Art Director (Film, Television or Stage)Supplementary Skilled List
212312Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage)Supplementary Skilled List
212313Director of PhotographySupplementary Skilled List
212314Film and Video EditorSupplementary Skilled List
212315Program Director (Television or Radio)Supplementary Skilled List
212316Stage ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
212317Technical DirectorSupplementary Skilled List
212318Video ProducerSupplementary Skilled List
212399Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors necSupplementary Skilled List
212411CopywriterSupplementary Skilled List
212412Newspaper or Periodical EditorSupplementary Skilled List
212413Print JournalistSupplementary Skilled List
212414Radio JournalistSupplementary Skilled List
212415Technical WriterSupplementary Skilled List
212416Television JournalistSupplementary Skilled List
212499Journalists and Other Writers necSupplementary Skilled List
221111Accountant (General)Supplementary Skilled List
221112Management AccountantSupplementary Skilled List
221113Taxation AccountantSupplementary Skilled List
221211Company SecretarySupplementary Skilled List
221212Corporate TreasurerSupplementary Skilled List
221213External AuditorSupplementary Skilled List
221214Internal AuditorSupplementary Skilled List
222111Commodities TraderSupplementary Skilled List
222112Finance BrokerSupplementary Skilled List
222113Insurance BrokerSupplementary Skilled List
222199Financial Brokers necSupplementary Skilled List
222211Financial Market DealerSupplementary Skilled List
222212Futures TraderSupplementary Skilled List
222213Stockbroking DealerSupplementary Skilled List
222299Financial Dealers necSupplementary Skilled List
222311Financial Investment AdviserSupplementary Skilled List
222312Financial Investment ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
223111Human Resource AdviserSupplementary Skilled List
223112Recruitment ConsultantSupplementary Skilled List
223113Workplace Relations AdviserSupplementary Skilled List
224111ActuarySupplementary Skilled List
224112MathematicianSupplementary Skilled List
224113StatisticianSupplementary Skilled List
224211ArchivistSupplementary Skilled List
224212Gallery or Museum CuratorSupplementary Skilled List
224213Health Information ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
224214Records ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
224411Intelligence OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
224412Policy AnalystSupplementary Skilled List
224511Land EconomistSupplementary Skilled List
224512ValuerSupplementary Skilled List
224611LibrarianSupplementary Skilled List
224711Management ConsultantSupplementary Skilled List
224712Organisation and Methods AnalystSupplementary Skilled List
224911Electorate OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
224912Liaison OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
224913Migration AgentSupplementary Skilled List
224914Patents ExaminerSupplementary Skilled List
224999Information and Organisation Professionals necSupplementary Skilled List
225111Advertising SpecialistSupplementary Skilled List
225112Market Research AnalystSupplementary Skilled List
225113Marketing SpecialistSupplementary Skilled List
225211ICT Account ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
225212ICT Business Development ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
225213ICT Sales RepresentativeSupplementary Skilled List
225311Public Relations ProfessionalSupplementary Skilled List
225411Sales Representative (Industrial Products)Supplementary Skilled List
225412Sales Representative (Medical and Pharmaceutical Products)Supplementary Skilled List
225499Technical Sales Representatives necSupplementary Skilled List
231111Aeroplane PilotSupplementary Skilled List
231112Air Traffic ControllerSupplementary Skilled List
231113Flying InstructorSupplementary Skilled List
231114Helicopter PilotSupplementary Skilled List
231199Air Transport Professionals necSupplementary Skilled List
231211Master FisherSupplementary Skilled List
231212Ship’s EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
231214Ship’s OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
231215Marine SurveyorSupplementary Skilled List
231299Marine Transport Professionals necSupplementary Skilled List
232111ArchitectSupplementary Skilled List
232112Landscape ArchitectSupplementary Skilled List
232212SurveyorSupplementary Skilled List
232213CartographerSupplementary Skilled List
232411Graphic DesignerSupplementary Skilled List
232412IllustratorSupplementary Skilled List
232413Multimedia DesignerSupplementary Skilled List
232414Web DesignerSupplementary Skilled List
232511Interior DesignerSupplementary Skilled List
232611Urban and Regional PlannerSupplementary Skilled List
233111Chemical EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
233112Materials EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
233211Civil EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
233212Geotechnical EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
233213Quantity SurveyorSupplementary Skilled List
233214Structural EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
233215Transport EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
233311Electrical EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
233411Electronics EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
233511Industrial EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
233512Mechanical EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
233513Production or Plant EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
233611Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum)Supplementary Skilled List
233612Petroleum EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
233911Aeronautical EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
233912Agricultural EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
233913Biomedical EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
233914Engineering TechnologistSupplementary Skilled List
233915Environmental EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
233916Naval ArchitectSupplementary Skilled List
233999Engineering Professionals necSupplementary Skilled List
234111Agricultural ConsultantSupplementary Skilled List
234112Agricultural ScientistSupplementary Skilled List
234113ForesterSupplementary Skilled List
234211ChemistSupplementary Skilled List
234212Food TechnologistSupplementary Skilled List
234311Conservation OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
234312Environmental ConsultantSupplementary Skilled List
234313Environmental Research ScientistSupplementary Skilled List
234314Park RangerSupplementary Skilled List
234399Environmental Scientists necSupplementary Skilled List
234411GeologistSupplementary Skilled List
234412GeophysicistSupplementary Skilled List
234413HydrogeologistSupplementary Skilled List
234511Life Scientist (General)Supplementary Skilled List
234513BiochemistSupplementary Skilled List
234514BiotechnologistSupplementary Skilled List
234515BotanistSupplementary Skilled List
234516Marine BiologistSupplementary Skilled List
234517MicrobiologistSupplementary Skilled List
234518ZoologistSupplementary Skilled List
234599Life Scientists necSupplementary Skilled List
234611Medical Laboratory ScientistSupplementary Skilled List
234711VeterinarianSupplementary Skilled List
234911ConservatorSupplementary Skilled List
234912MetallurgistSupplementary Skilled List
234913MeteorologistSupplementary Skilled List
234914PhysicistSupplementary Skilled List
234915Exercise PhysiologistSupplementary Skilled List
234999Natural and Physical Science Professionals necSupplementary Skilled List
241111Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) TeacherSupplementary Skilled List
241213Primary School TeacherSupplementary Skilled List
241311Middle School TeacherSupplementary Skilled List
241411Secondary School TeacherSupplementary Skilled List
241511Special Needs TeacherSupplementary Skilled List
241512Teacher of the Hearing ImpairedSupplementary Skilled List
241513Teacher of the Sight ImpairedSupplementary Skilled List
241599Special Education Teachers necSupplementary Skilled List
242111University LecturerSupplementary Skilled List
242112University TutorSupplementary Skilled List
242211Vocational Education TeacherSupplementary Skilled List
249111Education AdviserSupplementary Skilled List
249112Education ReviewerSupplementary Skilled List
249211Art Teacher (Private Tuition)Supplementary Skilled List
249212Dance Teacher (Private Tuition)Supplementary Skilled List
249213Drama Teacher (Private Tuition)Supplementary Skilled List
249214Music Teacher (Private Tuition)Supplementary Skilled List
249299Private Tutors and Teachers necSupplementary Skilled List
249311Teacher of English to Speakers of Other LanguagesSupplementary Skilled List
251111DietitianSupplementary Skilled List
251112NutritionistSupplementary Skilled List
251211Medical Diagnostic RadiographerSupplementary Skilled List
251212Medical Radiation TherapistSupplementary Skilled List
251213Nuclear Medicine TechnologistSupplementary Skilled List
251311Environmental Health OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
251312Occupational Health and Safety AdviserSupplementary Skilled List
251411OptometristSupplementary Skilled List
251412OrthoptistSupplementary Skilled List
251511Hospital PharmacistSupplementary Skilled List
251512Industrial PharmacistSupplementary Skilled List
251513Retail PharmacistSupplementary Skilled List
251911Health Promotion OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
251912Orthotist or ProsthetistSupplementary Skilled List
251999Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals necSupplementary Skilled List
252111ChiropractorSupplementary Skilled List
252112OsteopathSupplementary Skilled List
252211AcupuncturistSupplementary Skilled List
252212HomoeopathSupplementary Skilled List
252213NaturopathSupplementary Skilled List
252214Traditional Chinese Medicine PractitionerSupplementary Skilled List
252299Complementary Health Therapists necSupplementary Skilled List
252311Dental SpecialistSupplementary Skilled List
252312DentistSupplementary Skilled List
253112Resident Medical OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
253211AnaesthetistSupplementary Skilled List
253311Specialist Physician (General Medicine)Supplementary Skilled List
253312CardiologistSupplementary Skilled List
253313Clinical HaematologistSupplementary Skilled List
253314Medical OncologistSupplementary Skilled List
253315EndocrinologistSupplementary Skilled List
253316GastroenterologistSupplementary Skilled List
253317Intensive Care SpecialistSupplementary Skilled List
253318NeurologistSupplementary Skilled List
253321PaediatricianSupplementary Skilled List
253322Renal Medicine SpecialistSupplementary Skilled List
253323RheumatologistSupplementary Skilled List
253324Thoracic Medicine SpecialistSupplementary Skilled List
253399Specialist Physicians necSupplementary Skilled List
254211Nurse EducatorSupplementary Skilled List
254212Nurse ResearcherSupplementary Skilled List
254311Nurse ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
271111BarristerSupplementary Skilled List
271211JudgeSupplementary Skilled List
271212MagistrateSupplementary Skilled List
271213Tribunal MemberSupplementary Skilled List
271214Intellectual Property LawyerSupplementary Skilled List
271299Judicial and Other Legal Professionals necSupplementary Skilled List
271311SolicitorSupplementary Skilled List
272111Careers CounsellorSupplementary Skilled List
272112Drug and Alcohol CounsellorSupplementary Skilled List
272113Family and Marriage CounsellorSupplementary Skilled List
272114Rehabilitation CounsellorSupplementary Skilled List
272115Student CounsellorSupplementary Skilled List
272199Counsellors necSupplementary Skilled List
272211Minister of ReligionSupplementary Skilled List
272311Clinical PsychologistSupplementary Skilled List
272312Educational PsychologistSupplementary Skilled List
272313Organisational PsychologistSupplementary Skilled List
272314PsychotherapistSupplementary Skilled List
272399Psychologists necSupplementary Skilled List
272411HistorianSupplementary Skilled List
272412InterpreterSupplementary Skilled List
272413TranslatorSupplementary Skilled List
272414ArchaeologistSupplementary Skilled List
272499Social Professionals necSupplementary Skilled List
272611Community Arts WorkerSupplementary Skilled List
272612Recreation OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
311111Agricultural TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
311211Anaesthetic TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
311212Cardiac TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
311213Medical Laboratory TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
311214Operating Theatre TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
311215Pharmacy TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
311216Pathology CollectorSupplementary Skilled List
311299Medical Technicians necSupplementary Skilled List
311311Fisheries OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
311312Meat InspectorSupplementary Skilled List
311313Quarantine OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
311399Primary Products Inspectors necSupplementary Skilled List
311411Chemistry TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
311412Earth Science TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
311413Life Science TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
311414School Laboratory TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
311415HydrographerSupplementary Skilled List
311499Science Technicians necSupplementary Skilled List
312111Architectural DraftspersonSupplementary Skilled List
312112Building AssociateSupplementary Skilled List
312113Building InspectorSupplementary Skilled List
312114Construction EstimatorSupplementary Skilled List
312115Plumbing InspectorSupplementary Skilled List
312116Surveying or Spatial Science TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
312199Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians necSupplementary Skilled List
312211Civil Engineering DraftspersonSupplementary Skilled List
312212Civil Engineering TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
312311Electrical Engineering DraftspersonSupplementary Skilled List
312411Electronic Engineering DraftspersonSupplementary Skilled List
312412Electronic Engineering TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
312611Safety InspectorSupplementary Skilled List
312913Mine DeputySupplementary Skilled List
313211Radiocommunications TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
313212Telecommunications Field EngineerSupplementary Skilled List
313213Telecommunications Network PlannerSupplementary Skilled List
313214Telecommunications Technical Officer or TechnologistSupplementary Skilled List
321214Small Engine MechanicSupplementary Skilled List
322111BlacksmithSupplementary Skilled List
322112ElectroplaterSupplementary Skilled List
322113FarrierSupplementary Skilled List
322114Metal Casting Trades WorkerSupplementary Skilled List
322115Metal PolisherSupplementary Skilled List
322311Metal FabricatorSupplementary Skilled List
322312Pressure WelderSupplementary Skilled List
322313Welder (First Class)Supplementary Skilled List
323111Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)Supplementary Skilled List
323112Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)Supplementary Skilled List
323113Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures)Supplementary Skilled List
323215Textile, Clothing and Footwear MechanicSupplementary Skilled List
323311EngraverSupplementary Skilled List
323312GunsmithSupplementary Skilled List
323314Precision Instrument Maker and RepairerSupplementary Skilled List
323315Saw DoctorSupplementary Skilled List
323316Watch and Clock Maker and RepairerSupplementary Skilled List
323411Engineering PatternmakerSupplementary Skilled List
323412ToolmakerSupplementary Skilled List
324211Vehicle Body BuilderSupplementary Skilled List
324212Vehicle TrimmerSupplementary Skilled List
331211Carpenter and JoinerSupplementary Skilled List
331212CarpenterSupplementary Skilled List
331213JoinerSupplementary Skilled List
332111Floor FinisherSupplementary Skilled List
332211Painting Trades WorkerSupplementary Skilled List
333211Fibrous PlastererSupplementary Skilled List
341112Electrician (Special Class)Supplementary Skilled List
342212Technical Cable JointerSupplementary Skilled List
342312Communications OperatorSupplementary Skilled List
342314Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General)Supplementary Skilled List
342315Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class)Supplementary Skilled List
342411Cabler (Data and Telecommunications)Supplementary Skilled List
342412Telecommunications Cable JointerSupplementary Skilled List
342413Telecommunications LinesworkerSupplementary Skilled List
342414Telecommunications TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
361111Dog Handler or TrainerSupplementary Skilled List
361112Horse TrainerSupplementary Skilled List
361114ZookeeperSupplementary Skilled List
361115Kennel HandSupplementary Skilled List
361199Animal Attendants and Trainers necSupplementary Skilled List
362111FloristSupplementary Skilled List
362211Gardener (General)Supplementary Skilled List
362213Landscape GardenerSupplementary Skilled List
362311GreenkeeperSupplementary Skilled List
362411NurserypersonSupplementary Skilled List
391111HairdresserSupplementary Skilled List
392111Print FinisherSupplementary Skilled List
392112Screen PrinterSupplementary Skilled List
392211Graphic Pre-press Trades WorkerSupplementary Skilled List
392311Printing MachinistSupplementary Skilled List
392312Small Offset PrinterSupplementary Skilled List
393111Canvas Goods FabricatorSupplementary Skilled List
393112Leather Goods MakerSupplementary Skilled List
393113Sail MakerSupplementary Skilled List
393114ShoemakerSupplementary Skilled List
393211Apparel CutterSupplementary Skilled List
393212Clothing PatternmakerSupplementary Skilled List
393299Clothing Trades Workers necSupplementary Skilled List
393311UpholstererSupplementary Skilled List
394211Furniture FinisherSupplementary Skilled List
394212Picture FramerSupplementary Skilled List
394213Wood MachinistSupplementary Skilled List
394214Wood TurnerSupplementary Skilled List
394299Wood Machinists and Other Wood Trades Workers necSupplementary Skilled List
399111Boat Builder and RepairerSupplementary Skilled List
399112ShipwrightSupplementary Skilled List
399211Chemical Plant OperatorSupplementary Skilled List
399212Gas or Petroleum OperatorSupplementary Skilled List
399213Power Generation Plant OperatorSupplementary Skilled List
399311Gallery or Museum TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
399312Library TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
399511Broadcast Transmitter OperatorSupplementary Skilled List
399512Camera Operator (Film, Television or Video)Supplementary Skilled List
399513Light TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
399514Make Up ArtistSupplementary Skilled List
399515Musical Instrument Maker or RepairerSupplementary Skilled List
399516Sound TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
399517Television Equipment OperatorSupplementary Skilled List
399599Performing Arts Technicians necSupplementary Skilled List
399611SignwriterSupplementary Skilled List
399911DiverSupplementary Skilled List
399912Interior DecoratorSupplementary Skilled List
399913Optical DispenserSupplementary Skilled List
399914Optical MechanicSupplementary Skilled List
399916Plastics TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
399918Fire Protection Equipment TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
399999Technicians and Trades Workers necSupplementary Skilled List
411111Ambulance OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
411112Intensive Care Ambulance ParamedicSupplementary Skilled List
411211Dental HygienistSupplementary Skilled List
411212Dental ProsthetistSupplementary Skilled List
411213Dental TechnicianSupplementary Skilled List
411214Dental TherapistSupplementary Skilled List
411311Diversional TherapistSupplementary Skilled List
411511Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health WorkerSupplementary Skilled List
411611Massage TherapistSupplementary Skilled List
411712Disabilities Services OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
411713Family Support WorkerSupplementary Skilled List
411714Parole or Probation OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
411715Residential Care OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
411716Youth WorkerSupplementary Skilled List
441111Defence Force Member – Other RanksSupplementary Skilled List
441211Emergency Service WorkerSupplementary Skilled List
441212Fire FighterSupplementary Skilled List
441311DetectiveSupplementary Skilled List
441312Police OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
442111Prison OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
451211Driving InstructorSupplementary Skilled List
451311Funeral DirectorSupplementary Skilled List
451399Funeral Workers necSupplementary Skilled List
451711Flight AttendantSupplementary Skilled List
451799Travel Attendants necSupplementary Skilled List
451815First Aid TrainerSupplementary Skilled List
452311Diving Instructor (Open Water)Supplementary Skilled List
452312Gymnastics Coach or InstructorSupplementary Skilled List
452313Horse Riding Coach or InstructorSupplementary Skilled List
452314Snowsport InstructorSupplementary Skilled List
452315Swimming Coach or InstructorSupplementary Skilled List
452316Tennis CoachSupplementary Skilled List
452317Other Sports Coach or InstructorSupplementary Skilled List
452318Dog or Horse Racing OfficialSupplementary Skilled List
452321Sports Development OfficerSupplementary Skilled List
452322Sports UmpireSupplementary Skilled List
452323Other Sports OfficialSupplementary Skilled List
452411FootballerSupplementary Skilled List
452412GolferSupplementary Skilled List
452413JockeySupplementary Skilled List
452499Sportspersons necSupplementary Skilled List
511111Contract AdministratorSupplementary Skilled List
511112Program or Project AdministratorSupplementary Skilled List
599111ConveyancerSupplementary Skilled List
599112Legal ExecutiveSupplementary Skilled List
599212Court Bailiff or SheriffSupplementary Skilled List
599611Insurance InvestigatorSupplementary Skilled List
599612Insurance Loss AdjusterSupplementary Skilled List
599613Insurance Risk SurveyorSupplementary Skilled List
599915Clinical CoderSupplementary Skilled List
611111AuctioneerSupplementary Skilled List
611211Insurance AgentSupplementary Skilled List
612111Business BrokerSupplementary Skilled List
612112Property ManagerSupplementary Skilled List
612113Real Estate Agency PrincipalSupplementary Skilled List
612114Real Estate AgentSupplementary Skilled List
612115Real Estate RepresentativeSupplementary Skilled List
639211Retail BuyerSupplementary Skilled List
639212Wool BuyerSupplementary Skilled List
712211DrillerSupplementary Skilled List
149211Call or Contact Centre ManagerSpecial Conditions Apply
149914Financial Institution Branch ManagerSpecial Conditions Apply
232311Fashion DesignerSpecial Conditions Apply
261314Software TesterSpecial Conditions Apply
263212ICT Support EngineerSpecial Conditions Apply
263311Telecommunications EngineerSpecial Conditions Apply
312511Mechanical Engineering DraftspersonSpecial Conditions Apply
312512Mechanical Engineering TechnicianSpecial Conditions Apply
132111Corporate Services ManagerMedium Availability
133311Importer or ExporterMedium Availability
135112ICT Project ManagerMedium Availability
141111Cafe or Restaurant ManagerMedium Availability
149212Customer Service ManagerMedium Availability
223311Training and Development ProfessionalMedium Availability
232312Industrial DesignerMedium Availability
261111ICT Business AnalystMedium Availability
261313Software EngineerMedium Availability
262111Database AdministratorMedium Availability
262113Systems AdministratorMedium Availability
263111Computer Network and Systems EngineerMedium Availability
351112PastrycookMedium Availability
224311EconomistLow Availability
262112ICT Security SpecialistLow Availability
263312Telecommunications Network EngineerLow Availability
312911Maintenance PlannerLow Availability
111111Chief Executive or Managing DirectorHigh Availability
111211Corporate General ManagerHigh Availability
121215Grape GrowerHigh Availability
121312Beef Cattle FarmerHigh Availability
121317Mixed Livestock FarmerHigh Availability
121321Poultry FarmerHigh Availability
121322Sheep FarmerHigh Availability
121411Mixed Crop and Livestock FarmerHigh Availability
131112Sales and Marketing ManagerHigh Availability
132211Finance ManagerHigh Availability
132311Human Resource ManagerHigh Availability
132411Policy and Planning ManagerHigh Availability
133111Construction Project ManagerHigh Availability
133112Project BuilderHigh Availability
133211Engineering ManagerHigh Availability
133312WholesalerHigh Availability
133411ManufacturerHigh Availability
133512Production Manager (Manufacturing)High Availability
133611Supply and Distribution ManagerHigh Availability
134111Child Care Centre ManagerHigh Availability
134211Medical AdministratorHigh Availability
134212Nursing Clinical DirectorHigh Availability
134214Welfare Centre ManagerHigh Availability
134299Health and Welfare Services Managers necHigh Availability
135111Chief Information OfficerHigh Availability
135199ICT Managers necHigh Availability
139911Arts Administrator or ManagerHigh Availability
139912Environmental ManagerHigh Availability
139913Laboratory ManagerHigh Availability
139914Quality Assurance ManagerHigh Availability
139999Specialist Managers necHigh Availability
149411Fleet ManagerHigh Availability
149413Transport Company ManagerHigh Availability
149913Facilities ManagerHigh Availability
149915Equipment Hire ManagerHigh Availability
223211ICT TrainerHigh Availability
231213Ship’s MasterHigh Availability
232214Other Spatial ScientistHigh Availability
232313Jewellery DesignerHigh Availability
234213Wine MakerHigh Availability
242211Vocational Education TeacherHigh Availability
251214SonographerHigh Availability
252411Occupational TherapistHigh Availability
252511PhysiotherapistHigh Availability
252611PodiatristHigh Availability
252711AudiologistHigh Availability
252712Speech PathologistHigh Availability
253111General PractitionerHigh Availability
253411PsychiatristHigh Availability
253511Surgeon (General)High Availability
253512Cardiothoracic SurgeonHigh Availability
253513NeurosurgeonHigh Availability
253514Orthopaedic SurgeonHigh Availability
253515OtorhinolaryngologistHigh Availability
253516Paediatric SurgeonHigh Availability
253517Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeonHigh Availability
253518UrologistHigh Availability
253521Vascular SurgeonHigh Availability
253911DermatologistHigh Availability
253912Emergency Medicine SpecialistHigh Availability
253913Obstetrician and GynaecologistHigh Availability
253914OphthalmologistHigh Availability
253915PathologistHigh Availability
253917Diagnostic and Interventional RadiologistHigh Availability
253918Radiation OncologistHigh Availability
253999Medical Practitioners necHigh Availability
254111MidwifeHigh Availability
254411Nurse PractitionerHigh Availability
254412Registered Nurse (Aged Care)High Availability
254413Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)High Availability
254414Registered Nurse (Community Health)High Availability
254415Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)High Availability
254416Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability)High Availability
254417Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation)High Availability
254418Registered Nurse (Medical)High Availability
254421Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)High Availability
254422Registered Nurse (Mental Health)High Availability
254423Registered Nurse (Perioperative)High Availability
254424Registered Nurse (Surgical)High Availability
254425Registered Nurse (Paediatrics)High Availability
254499Registered Nurses necHigh Availability
261112Systems AnalystHigh Availability
261211Multimedia SpecialistHigh Availability
261212Web DeveloperHigh Availability
261311Analyst ProgrammerHigh Availability
261312Developer ProgrammerHigh Availability
261399Software and Applications Programmers necHigh Availability
263112Network AdministratorHigh Availability
263113Network AnalystHigh Availability
263211ICT Quality Assurance EngineerHigh Availability
263213ICT Systems Test EngineerHigh Availability
263299ICT Support and Test Engineers necHigh Availability
272511Social WorkerHigh Availability
272613Welfare WorkerHigh Availability
312312Electrical Engineering TechnicianHigh Availability
312912Metallurgical or Materials TechnicianHigh Availability
312999Building and Engineering Technicians necHigh Availability
313111Hardware TechnicianHigh Availability
313112ICT Customer Support OfficerHigh Availability
313113Web AdministratorHigh Availability
313199ICT Support Technicians necHigh Availability
321111Automotive ElectricianHigh Availability
321211Motor Mechanic (General)High Availability
321212Diesel Motor MechanicHigh Availability
321213Motorcycle MechanicHigh Availability
322211Sheetmetal Trades WorkerHigh Availability
323211Fitter (General)High Availability
323212Fitter and TurnerHigh Availability
323213Fitter-WelderHigh Availability
323214Metal Machinist (First Class)High Availability
323299Metal Fitters and Machinists necHigh Availability
323313LocksmithHigh Availability
324111PanelbeaterHigh Availability
324311Vehicle PainterHigh Availability
331111BricklayerHigh Availability
331112StonemasonHigh Availability
333111GlazierHigh Availability
333212Solid PlastererHigh Availability
333311Roof TilerHigh Availability
333411Wall and Floor TilerHigh Availability
334111Plumber (General)High Availability
334112Airconditioning and Mechanical Services PlumberHigh Availability
334113DrainerHigh Availability
334114GasfitterHigh Availability
334115Roof PlumberHigh Availability
341111Electrician (General)High Availability
342111Airconditioning and Refrigeration MechanicHigh Availability
342311Business Machine MechanicHigh Availability
342313Electronic Equipment Trades WorkerHigh Availability
351111BakerHigh Availability
351211Butcher or Smallgoods MakerHigh Availability
351311ChefHigh Availability
351411CookHigh Availability
361211ShearerHigh Availability
361311Veterinary NurseHigh Availability
362212ArboristHigh Availability
393213Dressmaker or TailorHigh Availability
394111CabinetmakerHigh Availability
399411JewellerHigh Availability
399917Wool ClasserHigh Availability
411411Enrolled NurseHigh Availability
411711Community WorkerHigh Availability
611112Stock and Station AgentHigh Availability

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