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Skilled Nominated visa 489

Skilled Nominated visa 489 Immigration Consultant Services In Noida & Delhi/NCR

Towards to Australia pathway and to become the Australian citizens the applicants can hold the Australia Skilled Independent 489 visa where the persons have great and exclusive opportunity to move Australia for lifetime basis once they obtain this visa category by meeting the important pre-requisites as well. As this 489 visa is points based that is provided for skilled workers who are either nominated by a State or Territory or they can be sponsored by the immigrants’ relatives or close family members who are holding the Australian citizenship too. Even, this is provisional visa which is only valid for four years and the persons who will receive this visa or already the holders of this skilled independent 489 visa so, they should work and stay in any particular regional area. Moreover, the family members of the migrants can be also mentioned in application forms what you will apply for to acquire the visa. This point based visa offers the big opportunities to the migrants to score minimum passing marks or points on each of the individual sector. The candidates must score the 60 points which is the qualifying mark to make you eligible to get the visa. Before lodging the valid applications the applicants foremost necessitates submitting an Expression of Interest with the aid of SkillSelect and while doing this either you can in our out of the Australia. If the people are being sponsored by their any eligible relatives then they must fulfill the basic formalities for this visa and you will get an Invitation To Apply. Basic Necessities Must to Meet

  • The applicants’ age must be not less than 50 years.
  • When the candidates will be selected for the employment or occupations so, that must be match with the persons’ skills and knowledge and also based on the relevant SOL or Skilled Occupation List
  • The applicants must have with excellent command over on English language
  • The applicants should score at least 60 points
  • The applicants also need enough amounts requirement for settle down in the specified area
  • Must meet the health care requirements
  • They should fulfill the characters per-requisites too


Family and Dependents

  • You can include non-dependent children such as natural, adoptive and stepchildren.
  • You can include your parents such as adoptive and step-parents.
  • You can include your brothers or sisters such as adoptive and step-siblings.
  • You can include your nieces or nephews such as adoptive and step-nieces and nephews.
  • You can include your uncles and aunts such as adoptive and step uncles or aunts.



The Visa Permits You and Your Dependents for:

  • You and your dependents can freely work and live temporarily in any specific place in Australia.
  • This visa is allowed to study is any particular regional area of Australia.
  • You can also continue your travel in and out of Australia.
  • The people can also able to apply for permanent residence with the assistance of Skilled Regional (Residence) visa (Subclass 887) after you fulfill the several conditions as well.


Visa Requirements:

Nominated by State or Territory:

There are some of the visa obligations that you need to meet them after you will be nominating by State or Territory and those conditions are:

  • The immigrants have to stay or live for two years in that state or territory.
  • The immigrants should inform the state or territory at once when they change their address.
  • The immigrants also need to complete the surveys and must provide the details or information when are asked.


When Sponsored by Eligible Family Members or Relatives?

The people should stay and work in a nominated area when they look for permanent residence and the applicants also have to show the proper evidence that they can prove they have spend some specified time period in that nominated area.

If you are not fulfilling the terms and conditions of your visa

  • Your visa along with the sponsorship of your family members will be cancelled.
  • You can’t apply for the Provisional Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa after you become fail to meet the requirements
  • You are also no able to fulfill the pre-requisites to apply for the permanent residence


Who will be Sponsors?

The persons who will be sponsored those must be the adults or at least of 18 years age old who are residing of Australia which are followed as:

  • They can be Australian citizens
  • They can be Australian permanent residents
  • They can be New Zealand citizens


Who will be Sponsors?

The Australia Skilled Independent Nominated Visa (Provisional) Subclass 489 is mainly based on three important phase of application procedures:

  • Phase One: In initial phase of the application procedure you have to meet the skills assessment along with the relevant government body. What will be your skill assessment that will facilitate the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) just to investigate that you have sufficient skills that fit your selective employment in Australia.
  • Phase two: If you have once accomplished an appropriate skills assessment then you must submit an Expression of Interest with the help of SkillSelect and you can present in and out of Australia while doing this. After that you must have to apply for state sponsorship with an Australia state or territory. It will need when you entirely fulfill the sponsorship per-requisites as well as you have gained enough work experience in a designation which is listed on the State Migration Plans.
  • Phase Three: If you have been approved for an Invitation To Apply or ITA then you can go continuously with the DIAC phase of the application and there you can able to submit to your last or final application that will be also approved by DIAC and then only you visa will be granted or issued to you.

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