Regional Occupation List

ROL Regional Occupation List

The Australian Regional Occupation List (ROL) consists of a total of 77 occupations that are in high demand especially in the regional areas of Australia. 

The Department of Home Affairs (DOH) recently introduced a new list (LIN 19/050) relevant for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (RSMS) which became effective from March 2019 onwards.

The main aim of introducing this particular list as one of the important Skilled Occupation List was to address the needs of regional parts of Australia and introduce more labor in these areas. Further, this list is valid only for some of the key skilled visa programs and is therefore needed by the applicants who are applying under the following visa categories:

  1. Training visa (Subclass 407)
  2. Skilled Regional (Provincial) visa (Subclass 489)
  3. Temporary Skills Shortage visa (Subclass 482)

All these visa categories specifically deal with regional visa programs. Also, the Regional Occupation List is exclusively applicable for those applicants who have been sponsored or nominated by the Australian State or Territory Government agency and are issued an invitation to apply (ITA) either on or after 18 March 2019 under the above-mentioned visa categories.

The Department of Home Affairs regularly updates the Regional Occupation List (ROL) as per the changes in the conditions of Australian labor market. The Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business (formerly known as the Department of Jobs and Small Business) is mainly responsible for reviewing the Regional Occupation List (ROL) under the given visa categories.

ANZSCO CodeDescriptionAssessing AuthoritySkill Level
121111Aquaculture FarmerVETASSESS1
121211Cotton GrowerVETASSESS1
121213Fruit or Nut GrowerVETASSESS1
121214Grain, Oilseed or Pasture GrowerVETASSESS1
121216Mixed Crop FarmerVETASSESS1
121217Sugar Cane GrowerVETASSESS1
121299Crop Farmers necVETASSESS1
121312Beef Cattle FarmerVETASSESS1
121313Dairy Cattle FarmerVETASSESS1
121314Deer FarmerVETASSESS1
121315Goat FarmerVETASSESS1
121316Horse BreederVETASSESS1
121317Mixed Livestock FarmerVETASSESS1
121318Pig FarmerVETASSESS1
121322Sheep FarmerVETASSESS1
121399Livestock Farmers necVETASSESS1
121411Mixed Crop and Livestock FarmerVETASSESS1
131114Public Relations ManagerAIM1
132411Policy and Planning ManagerVETASSESS1
133112Project BuilderVETASSESS1
133612Procurement ManagerAIM1
134211Medical AdministratorVETASSESS1
134412Regional Education ManagerVETASSESS1
139915Sports AdministratorVETASSESS1
141211Caravan Park and Camping Ground ManagerVETASSESS2
142115Post Office ManagerVETASSESS2
149111Amusement Centre ManagerVETASSESS2
149112Fitness Centre ManagerVETASSESS2
149113Sports Centre ManagerVETASSESS2
149912Cinema or Theatre ManagerVETASSESS2
149914Financial Institution Branch ManagerVETASSESS2
223111Human Resource AdviserVETASSESS1
223113Workplace Relations AdviserVETASSESS1
224412Policy AnalystVETASSESS1
224912Liaison OfficerVETASSESS1
225112Market Research AnalystVETASSESS1
231111Aeroplane PilotCASA1
231113Flying InstructorVETASSESS1
231114Helicopter PilotCASA1
231213Ship's MasterAMSA1
232413Multimedia DesignerVETASSESS1
234213Wine MakerVETASSESS1
234311Conservation OfficerVETASSESS1
234915Exercise PhysiologistVETASSESS1
242211Vocational Education TeacherVETASSESS/TRA1
251311Environmental Health OfficerVETASSESS1
271214Intellectual Property LawyerVETASSESS1
272611Community Arts WorkerVETASSESS1
311111Agricultural TechnicianVETASSESS2
311214Operating Theatre TechnicianVETASSESS2
311216Pathology CollectorAIMS3
312114Construction EstimatorVETASSESS2
312116Surveying or Spatial Science TechnicianVETASSESS2
312511Mechanical Engineering DraftspersonEA2
312611Safety InspectorVETASSESS2
312911Maintenance PlannerVETASSESS2
312999Building and Engineering Technicians necEA/VETASSESS2
324311Vehicle PainterTRA3
332111Floor FinisherTRA3
342211Electrical LinesworkerTRA3
399212Gas or Petroleum OperatorTRA3
411211Dental HygienistVETASSESS2
411214Dental TherapistVETASSESS2
441211Emergency Service WorkerVETASSESS3
451211Driving InstructorVETASSESS3
451399Funeral Workers necVETASSESS3
451711Flight AttendantVETASSESS3
451815First Aid TrainerVETASSESS3
599915Clinical CoderVETASSESS3
612112Property ManagerVETASSESS3
612115Real Estate RepresentativeVETASSESS3


Additional 59 occupations included in the Australian Regional Occupation List (ROL) under the Skilled Regional (Provincial) visa (Subclass 489)

The Department of Employment (DOE) along with the Department of Home Affairs (DOH) has recently included a total of 59 new occupations within the Regional Occupation List (ROL) specifically for the Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (Subclass 489). 

Since, Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (Subclass 489) is one of the most sort-after visa categories for getting the permanent residency (PR) to Australia, this particular inclusion of an additional number of occupations in the Regional Occupation List (ROL) is a positive step.

Moreover, some of the occupations that were removed previously from the Australia Skilled Occupation List are added again through the Regional Occupation List (ROL) under the Skilled Regional (Provincial) visa (Subclass 489).

These occupations include:

  1. Human Resource Advisor
  2. Procurement Manager
  3. Dental Hygienist
  4. Dental Technician
  5. Translator
  6. Financial Institution Branch Manager
  7. Pathology Collector
  8. Policy Analyst
  9. Vocational Education Teacher
  10. Multimedia Designer
  11. Safety Inspector

This new change is indeed being perceived optimistically by the Human Resource Advisors as they were completely ignored from applying for Permanent Residence (PR) visa of Australia previously. 

Moreover, the addition of occupations such as Policy Analyst will definitely increase the scope of employment for individuals working in the field of academics, research and policy analysis.

The Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (Subclass 489) is a type of temporary-residence visa streams that allows the applicant to stay in Australia for a duration of four years. It is therefore the most prominent gateways to permanent residency visa to Australia, that is the Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887). For being able to apply for the Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887), the candidate is required to live in Australia or any of in a particular state of Australia for minimum 2 years and should hold one-year job experience particularly in the regional parts of Australia.

With visa regulations becoming much easier, especially for regional areas across Australia, this is the best time to apply for the Australia Permanent Residency (PR) visa.

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