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There are many who dream of an opportunity of completing their post-graduation degree in top rated universities around the world like Australia. Having the privilege of being selected in top Australian Universities for Master or Doctoral degree is something the very few individuals can boost of. However, this invitation for top colleges is not the start of dream of studying in Australia. To become more close to this dream the invitee has to apply for a Postgraduate Research Sector Visa.Visa Subclass 574 is applied for to migrate to Australia in order to gain degree for Master via research method or Doctoral from Australian college. To become eligible for this visa the applicant should have enrolled for a registered course which would result in applicant gaining:

  • A Master Degree via Research method.
  • A Doctoral Degree.

Entry for Postgraduate Research Sector Visa cannot be opted for as it has closed for new applicants since 1st July 2016. However, if the applicant wishes to extend their stay in Australia after 1st July 2016, they can go for Student Visa Subclass 500.

Australia is a nation of OPPORTUNITIES.

For those applicants who have applied for Visa Subclass 574 before the date 30th June 2016 or on it, but are still waiting for the result, they can view visa conditions along with other imperative details on Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) for free. The following information is more applicable for the visa holder of Postgraduate Research Sector Visa it deals and explains all the obligations and benefits of this visa.

Duration for Visa Subclass 574

The visa will last till the expiry date mentioned on the Postgraduate Research Sector Visa that was granted to the applicant.

Benefits accorded to Visa Holder

With this in hand, the visa holder will be benefitted with:

  • The opportunity to study in Australian colleges and universities.
  • Once the course of Master via research or the doctoral degree of the visa holder has started, he or she can opt to work for any number of hours as per their preference.
  • Dependent members of the visa holder’s family are eligible to tag along with him.
  • Similar to the second point above, the dependent family members who have the visa holders can also work for ‘N’ number of hours if the course for which the visa was applied has started. Note: On the other hand, if the visa holder has only started with preliminary course like ELICOS, then both the visa holder and his or her family members can only work for around 40 hours per 15 days till the date the actual course doesn’t take place.
  • Another advantage for visa holders is that their partners can study for 3 months in Australia along with any family member who older than 18 years of age or 18. However, if they wish to study for a course which has a duration for more than 3 months they will have to apply for their own visa called student visa which can be applied for from the country itself.

Important Information

Student visa holders are recommended to adhere to all the Australian rules and regulations as well as those set under visa or there is chance for visa to get cancelled.

It is imperative for visa holders under 18 years of age to manage accommodation and support arrangement along with other welfare facilities till they either turn 18 or the duration for their visa.

In the scenario where in the visa holder wishes to change their course from the Masters or Doctoral degree to another course that falls under different sector of education like some diploma course, the student will have to again apply for another visa, namely Student Visa Subclass 500 as the current visa is not applicable for the choice of course applied to by the visa holder.

Education Provider Change

At times, due to several circumstantial reasons, the visa holder might opt to change the educational provider. Along with adherence to rules under the Visa Subclass 574 a National Code of ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Students) needs to applied for successful change.

In case the visa holder has not completed even six months in the main course under the current education provider and has applied for a change, then only special circumstances stated under National Code of ESOS can make this possible. Until and unless these special circumstances are applicable, the visa holder will need approval in form of permission from the current education provider to transfer to new education provider.

In order to transfer to new education provider, it is imperative for the current one to evaluate your wish to transfer. All education providers are needed to have their transfer policy and procedures carefully documented. This transfer policy of the education provider needs to completely understood by the student along with the written agreement, signed by both parties, indicating what actions must be taken before any efforts are made to engage with the new education provider.

In the scenario wherein the current education provider does not allow for the change of the education provider and the student is not in agreement with this decision, he or she is first required to get in touch with their education provider and have a personal appeal for the change. If the Australian immigrant, as in the student, is still not agreeing to the decision of the education provider, he or she can approach to challenge the said decision with external complaints management authorities like Overseas Student Ombudsman or State/Territory Ombudsman.

Regulations under Visa Subclass 574 for Dependent Family Members

The dependent family members who have migrated to Australia with the visa holder needs to adhere to the set conditions applicable with the visa. Any infraction with the law can lead to cancellation of the visa for the visa holder and he may just have to leave the country.

Dependent Family Members should follow conditions enumerated below:

  • Continue to be counted as the family member of the visa holder for the whole stay period in Australia.
  • Have sufficient financial assistance.
  • Have proper health cover and it is maintained.
  • Can work for unlimited hours only after the visa holder starts with the main course.
  • School attendance is mandatory for those members who are of that age.

Note: Visa Holder is responsible to make sure that the above rules and regulations are adhered to by the family members.

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