Parent Visa

Parents are that one unconditional support whose presence alone can reduce most of our problems into half. Their ‘No Questions Asked’ aid has broken us out of many issues and has held us up in times of our dire need. No country would like to keep such superior bonds apart from their children, including Australia. Keeping this in mind Parent Visa came into existence. This visa was created for the citizens of Australia or eligible New Zealand citizens staying in Australia.



Visa Subclass 103 is the visa that is opted for bringing the parents to Australia on permanent basis. The visa can, however, only be sponsored by the child who is a

A. Permanent Resident of Australia or,
B. An Australian Citizen or
C. An Eligible New Zealand Citizen settled in Australia.

The only downside is that you need a lot of patience as the visa can take up to 30 years to come through.



To be eligible for Visa Subclass 103 the applicant needs to fulfil following enumerated conditions:

  • The applicant should be sponsored.
  • They should meet the requirements of balance of family test.
  • Patiently wait in the queue for the visa.

The most imperative point is that the parent should be sponsored by their child who has been settled in Australia for at least two years from before the date of application for Parent Visa.


Benefits of this Visa for Australia Immigration

This is a permanent visa to reside in Australia that allows parents and other family members having access to it some amazing benefits that are listed below:

  • Permanently reside in Australia.
  • Avail chance of working or going for further studies in this beautiful country of Australia.
  • Swiftly have access to schemes and programs to Australia health care and related expenses.
  • Further sponsor relatives, who are eligible, to stay in Australia permanently.
    Opt for Australian citizenship.
  • For five years, since the date visa is granted, you can travel to any country and come back. After this period, you will be required a resident visa or similar kind of return to Australia visa.

Australia is a nation of OPPORTUNITIES.

Alternative Option:

The Parent Visa is quite high in demand while having only limited seats, due to which many applicants have to wait a long time, at times even 30 years, to be granted this visa. Alternatively, you can go for Contributory Parent Visa which takes maximum of two years to be granted.

  • Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 173 (Temporary): It is a temporary visa in which permanent visa can be availed in two stages. In first stage a temporary visa is granted while the second stage is for permanent one which can be applied from Australis itself.
  • Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 143: This is a permanent visa which can be availed in one go itself. In this you have to pay full amount of Contributory Parent migration from one visa application only.


Although this application gets finalized a lot faster than Visa Subclass 103, it has its own downsides like:

  • Higher charges for Visa Application.
  • Higher bond for even more prolonged support assurance.

The visa is more highly charged and costs a lot more than imagined, however, this higher charge is downsized by according some portion of it towards welfare and health services of the society.


Sponsors’ Duties & Obligation:

The child who sponsors for Australia immigration of its parents has some duties and obligations to meet before the visa is granted. Some of them are:

  • A written proposition of accepting full responsibility and assured support for at least first two years of your parents stay in Australia.
  • It also includes any other member who has arrived with the parents.
  • For two years the sponsor should provide accommodation, support and financial aid to the parents.

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